• Engage

    Join our tightknit community and make lifelong friends.

  • Explore

    Discover your purpose by exploring your passions

  • Experience

    Get real-world career experience as early as freshman year.

  • Impact

    Make a difference through service projects and trips.


a private university education within your reach

You deserve a school that provides more than just a degree. You deserve a chance to explore your passions, a career that makes a difference and a campus that feels like home. You'll find all that and more at Mount Marty University, where we believe in faith-based learning that is focused on developing you as a whole person.

a smart investment for you

Mount Marty is an affordable university in South Dakota. You may be surprised to find that attending a private, Catholic university can be just as affordable as attending a public university while also offering you a wealth of experiences not available on a larger campus. With smaller class sizes, you'll find so many opportunities for hands-on experiences like internships, research,  travel and labs, so you'll be ready to face anything in your career. 

If you are interested in a career that allows you to lead, serve others and make an impact in your future, you will find our programs, which include nursing, teacher educationrecreation managementcriminal justice and business administration, a perfect fit. You'll be able to balance your career-ready degree with a liberal arts education that gives you the best of both worlds. 

Whether you're an athlete, a musician, an academic, and explorer or a volunteer, you'll find a sense of belonging at Mount Marty. Explore your passions and find your purpose at Mount Marty. Learn about our campus and how faculty, staff, and alumnni show their spirit here!