Jessica Wolles ’13

5th grade teacher

Jessica Wolles '13
Teacher, Yankton South Dakota
Degree: Elementary and Special Education; working on a masters of education (curriculum and instruction)
Campus: Yankton

Why did you choose Mount Marty College?

Not too far from her hometown of Dell Rapids, Jessica Wolles fell in love with Mount Marty from her very first visit. She had originally visited during her senior year and could tell that Mount Marty was different than other colleges.

“I felt welcomed and important; I could tell I wouldn’t be a number.”

She also loved the idea of being able to grow in her faith. Now a teacher at Sacred Heart Jessica was thrilled when she discovered that Mount Marty would be offering a master’s program in education. “I knew I wanted to go back to school to get my master’s, so where better than my alma[y1]  matter?!” Jessica is currently working on that goal and living up to Mount Marty’s values of life-long learning.

Mount Marty’s Impact

There were so many influential people in Jessica’s life while she attended Mount Marty.  She loved her professors and everyone on the campus ministry. However, if she had to pick one person it would’ve been Sister Madonna. She helped Jessica with many things including preparing the piano music for school masses. “Every time we would meet, she always had a smile on her face and has given me so many words of wisdom.” Jessica and Sister Madonna continue to keep in contact.

Most memorable experience?

Although Jessica had a lot of great memories just hanging out on campus, her and her friends frequently visited the boat docks to go fishing. Her greatest memories though, were the ones when Sister Maribeth joined them down by the river. “I was so impressed to see her walk down to the dock with her fishing pole, tackle box, l lawn chair, and a five-gallon bucket in hand.” She points out that Sister Maribeth was always so excited when someone caught something. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who enjoys fishing as much as her!”

Helping prepare

“I cannot stress enough about the people Mount Marty surrounds you with,” Jessica says while pointing out just how much Mount Marty helped her grow professionally.  This happened by providing her with all of her caring and knowledgeable professors. She met her goals of getting an education and growing in her faith just as she had hoped while attending Mount Marty. Jessica discovered many friendships here in the classrooms and dorm life of Mount Marty, some of them continue to be lifelong.