Sing so that he may be glorified and our neighbors served.

Music has been at the heart of the Mount Marty experience since our founding in 1936. Some of our students are music majors. Others are athletes pursuing other degrees who simply want to explore their talents a little further at a college level. Our ensembles and music courses include students with a diverse range of majors, but what we all share is the sense of joy, comfort, and meaning we derive from song.

where you'll PERFORM

  • Local and regional high schools, colleges and churches.
  • Campus and community concerts and events and the annual Vespers concert during the Christmas season.
  • Travel with the Smooth Benediction to regional and national acapella tournaments.

Life Skills You'll Gain

  • Explore different cultures and music education.
  • Prayer. It's who we are. If you'd like, explore how prayer can help you regardless of your faith.
  • Effectively present your self in front of a crowd.

Music is a part of all of our lives, and it’s a big part of our liberal arts education at Mount Marty. It’s how we learn more about ourselves and other cultures through the wide-ranging span of music in our society. It’s also a form of prayer on our campus where soft, angelic sounds are lifted to the heavens as praise and reflection during our annual Vesper's Christmas performance in the Bishop Marty Memorial Chapel.

We hope you'll share your God-given, musical talents at Mount Marty!

Check out our new Performing Arts Major!



A love of music is all you need to be a part of the band program! You’ll have opportunities to play in small groups, concerts, at church services and on tour. Choose from:

  • Perform a variety of music in one major concert each semester. As a concert musician, you’ll practice twice a week. The concert band at Mount Marty University includes students, staff and faculty, and community members alike! Anyone is welcome!

  • Perform everything from 1940s Big Band swing tunes to contemporary rock if you play trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and or rhythm instruments. You’ll tour with the Mount Marty choir each spring.

  • Play at special events on campus and twice a semester at the United Church of Christ (UCC) church in Yankton.  As a select member of the group, you’ll receive scholarship money from the Weed fund at the Yankton UCC church.


If you’ve ever tucked the idea away of singing for an audience in the back of your mind, now’s the time to muster the courage. If you’ve felt the elation of practicing for weeks and creating something bigger than yourself, you know what it’s like to perform with others. Experienced or not, there’s a way for you to discover and share your vocal talents at Mount Marty.

  • Sing and perform even more as part of a highly select ensemble. You’ll tour with the Jazz Band in the spring!

  • Perform a repertoire of music from all genres. Mount Marty University's Choral Union is made up of students, staff and faculty, and even numerous community members! No need to audition—just sing your heart out! 

  • Become a pitch-perfect member of a highly select a cappella choir, singing pop hits, musical theater tunes, and popular oldies. You’ll join fellow vocalists who work hard to entertain and recruit others.