Dual Credit

Dual credit classes are offered at high schools partnering with Mount Marty University, allowing students to earn high school and college credits concurrently, at a fraction of the cost - $60 per credit hour.

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  • VISIT onboarding

    1. Click on Onboarding
    2. Enter your Mount Marty Student Number/ID provided on email sent from Mount Marty 
    3. Keep your username/email (see example below) which displays on screen 9 of your onboarding. This will be needed to log on to your LancerLink Student Portal.


  • Visit LancerLink Student Portal

    1. Click on Academics
    2. Click on Registration
    3. Choose the Term (Fall 20xx Dual Credit or Spring 20xx Dual Credit)
    4. Click the Register button
    5. To select classes, click the “+” sign in the Add column *be sure each class has a section number with your high school abbreviation*
    6. When you are done, scroll down and click Register/Drop button
    7. Final Review
    8. Click Register button to complete


    To later add a class to your schedule, follow the same steps as above.

    To later remove a class from your schedule, return to the Registration screen and scroll to the bottom. Select the “ - “ image in the Action column. Click the Register/Drop button.

  • Dual credit students require approval from the high school guidance counselor, or teacher. Students must be approved for advanced placement courses or have two of the following:

    • A cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • A minimum grade of "B" in prior content-related dual credit courses
    • A minimum ACT score of 21 in the content-related subtest
    • A ranking in the top half of your class
  • Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

    1. Log in to LancerLink Student Portal 
    2. Click on My Finances
    3. Click on Make Payment Online


    Questions or Need Assistance?
    student.accts@mountmarty.edu 605-668-1575


    IT   helpdesk@mountmarty.edu 605-668-1561
    Registration   registrar@mountmarty.edu 605-668-1515
    Billing   student.accts@mountmarty.edu 605-668-1575


    Forget your password? ACCOUNT RETRIEVAL

    Registration deadlines (add/drop/withdrawal) follow the University Academic Calendar

    How do I know if I registered for the correct courses?

    1. Visit LancerLink Student Portal
    2. Click on Academics 
    3. Click on My Class Schedule
    4. Click on the Schedule Report link
    5. Confirm all your classes have a section number with your high school abbreviation
  • How do I get a transcript? 


    Visit LANCERLINK STUDENT PORTAL and click on Academics


    national student clearinghouse



FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law which requires that Mount Marty University protect students’ Education Records and Personally Identifiable Information. Students may read our FERPA Policy here: MMU FERPA Policy