Michael Grimme ’16


michael grimme
degree: bachelor of science in nursing
CAMPUS: yankton

Why Mount Marty?

When Michael Grimme decided to return to college to complete his BSN, he knew he needed to find a school that catered to adult learners. Mount Marty College, he says, offered the level of support he was looking for, through student loans, financial aid and scholarships; supportive instructors willing to provide guidance and direction; and peers and classmates who provided help as needed. “And the spiritual component of the school strengthened and encouraged my faith,” Michael says.

Mount Marty Impact

For Michael, perhaps the biggest impact MMC has made on his life is yet to come — MMC, he says, has helped shape his future goals and success.

“I think the MMC experience has allowed me to develop a number of skills, including structuring my time, self-organization and daily prioritization of short-term and future goals,” he says. “I also gained self-confidence in my personal skills and abilities. I believe that this self-confidence will continue to help me relax in stressful situations, go with the flow and take one day at a time to achieve my personal goals.”

Building on the success and confidence he’s gained during his time at MMC, Michael plans to continue his education following his May 2016 graduation by completing advanced certifications in nursing and possibly becoming a certified nurse practitioner or obtaining his Master of Health Administration.

The MMC Values

From the family-friendly environment to the supportive faculty and staff, Michael says he would definitely recommend MMC to other adult learners. Fellow students, he says, enhanced his experience as well.

“The students of Mount Marty College have always treated me with respect and dignity in and outside the classroom setting,” he says. “I have brought family members and my nephews to campus events because the school encourage family and community participation — we have always felt welcomed and have always been greeted with a friendly ‘hello’ and a smile.”