Residence Life

Living on campus is exciting, and introduces you to different lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes and values that complement the education you receive here. You’ll learn more about yourself and your classmates by connecting with neighbors and the activities that surround you. 

important things to know before living on campus

There are lofts available in our different living arrangements. Each double room in Corbey Hall will begin the year with one bed lofted and the other on the floor. Whitby Hall double rooms will start with both beds on the floor. Bede Hall double rooms will begin the year with both beds lofted. During opening weekend and the week that follows, students will be given the ability to reach out to Residence Life Staff to address loft questions or concerns. This includes adding or removing lofts. We do not allow homemade lofts.

You can lease or purchase additional amenities such as futons, MicroChills (combination microwave and refrigerator), safes and area rugs. Lease or purchase online prior to August 1 at

A Residence Assistant (RA) lives on each floor to help students, and a Residence Hall Director (RHD) is on hand for more difficult questions and concerns, or to provide additional guidance. They also organize activities like game nights, movie nights, socials and other activities. Talk with your RA or RHD if you have any concerns. Our Director of Residence Life and Campus Safety also is present to assist you throughout the year. They are here to help.

Wondering what you'll need when you move into the residence halls? Our Residence Hall Checklist will help you decide what to pack.

Residence Hall Checklist