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Billing Information

All students are billed on a semester-by-semester basis with charges applied to their accounts one month before classes start. Access billing statements and make payments via LancerLink.

Full payment for each term is due by 5 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of classes unless students have established a payment plan with the Business Office. Summer payment deadlines may vary by start date, so please check with the Business Office. A $250 late fee is assessed on accounts not paid in full unless there is a payment plan in place by the deadline. An 18 percent per annum finance charge will be applied to unpaid accounts.

Mount Marty University does not issue degrees, grades, transcripts, employment placement credentials or statements of withdrawal until all accounts are paid in full, and all loans are in good standing. You may not register for classes if you have an unpaid balance.

Please contact the Business Office at (605) 668-1575 with questions or concerns.

Payment Information

Credit Card Payment

You may pay your bill online with a credit/debit card through your LancerLink account. We accept all major credit cards. 


Check or Cash Payment

You can make payments in person with a check or cash, or you can mail payments to:
Mount Marty University
Business Office, Bede Hall 211
1105 W. Eighth St.
Yankton, SD 57078-3724 

Mount Marty University offers interest-free payment plans as a convenient way to break down student account balances into three installments. For more information, please stop by or call the Business Office (Bede 211). Sign up for a payment plan by filling out the following form: 

Payment Plan Form

If a third party is helping you with payments, you must notify the Business Office by the first week of classes.

Payment of all costs for each semester is due by the end of the first week of classes, unless a payment plan has been arranged. If arrangements have not been made with the business office within the first week of classes, a one-time late fee of $250 will be assessed and an additional monthly 18% finance charge may be assessed. In addition, students with unpaid accounts who have not made arrangements to pay may be dismissed.

Mount Marty University provides the option to students to pay the estimated annual costs in equal payments through each semester. Determining the amount of the payment is made in consultation with the business office representative, and includes:

  • Estimating the total cost by adding tuition, room, board and fees.
  • Subtracting the financial aid allocated in federal grants, federal loans, Mount Marty University grants and scholarships and state grants according to the financial assistance award notice; the difference is the student’s estimated cost. 
  • Dividing the estimated cost into equal payments over the semester.
  • Making equal monthly payments before the first of each month.
  • If payment plans become delinquent a monthly 18% finance charge may be assessed.

Mount Marty University does not release diplomas, grades or transcripts until all accounts are paid in full to the college. Students with unpaid balances may not register for another semester. The 18% monthly finance charge applies to unpaid accounts. Details of the payment policy are available online. Students are expected to read and become familiar with the published payment policy.

Students provide their own means of transportation to, from and while at the institution where professional experience is obtained. Some agencies require use of a car and appropriate insurance coverage. All living expenses during off-campus experiences are paid by the student.

Transportation costs for required field trips are included in the college budget. If trips are optional, transportation costs are paid for by the student. Living expenses in both cases are paid by the student; there is no reimbursement for room and board for field trips.