Brooke Swier '04

Lawyer- Avon, SD

Brooke Swier
Degree: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Campus: Yankton

Why Did You Choose Mount Marty?

“I chose MMC for a variety of reasons.  First, my brother and sister-in-law both had attended MMC.  I had heard really great things about the college!” From the very beginning Brooke had heard wonderful things about the college and upon her very first visit she was not disappointed. 

“I immediately felt comfortable on campus. It was just a nice fit your what I was looking for in a college.” Says Brooke.

Brooke points out that she was looking for smaller class sizes and to be involved in campus opportunities. Mount Marty truly provided her with these things and overall gave Brooke a great college experience. 

Most memorable experience?

Brooke really just enjoyed her day to day college dorm life that Mount Marty provided. “Dorm life and attending sporting events, dances in the Bistro and helping plan all the activities Student Government sponsored were just a few.” Looking back now Brooke really enjoyed her college experience.

What advice would you give to high school students beginning the college search process?

Brooke points out that it’s really important to find a good fit for you when looking at colleges.  She knew that when looking for a college she wanted a smaller school where she could really get involved and get a great education.

“Mount Marty was a great fit for me because of that!  I asked a lot of questions and spoke to past graduates to really find out about the schools I was considering attending.”

For you, who was the most influential person at MMC…someone that had a direct positive impact on your life path?  

Considering there were so many influential people for Brooke this question was really difficult, but picking one she has to say Professor Lori Lincoln. “She was someone who I could go to with questions and helped me explore different options when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after MMC.” Brooke points out that she just offered a lot of support, and if she picked one more person it would be Sister Madonna.

“She taught me so many skills outside of the classroom as an Ambassador.”

Brooke notes that overall it was such a great experience and taught her how to be a better all-around person.

How do you feel that MMC helped to prepare you for your current position?

“MMC prepares its graduates very well for their futures.  At Mount Marty, you learn to not only focus on the academics, but all aspects of a well-rounded life.” Says Brooke.

It’s very important to get that home and degree balance. Brooke points out that at Mount Marty not only did she have the chance to get a degree, but be involved in several other activities.

“This really prepared me for life after college!”