Above, Artie Gallegos shares his experiences as a Mount Marty student. Below, get to know Artie a little bit more. 

Artie Gallegos


Las Vegas, NV 



Why did you choose Mount Marty College?

When I was initially searching for colleges, I knew someone who let me know about Mount Marty. Right away I noticed how tight-knit the community was. I came to play baseball, but I really enjoy the sense of community I’ve found in MMC. I think that was the biggest thing, coming from such a large cit and moving to such a small one, it was a change, but it was a welcoming change, and I’ve really enjoyed it.


What has been the most impactful part of your Mount Marty experience?

Mount Marty has led me to a deeper service because of the focus they put on community and volunteer work and things of that nature.  I feel like I’m a better person and a better member of the community as a whole. With the baseball team alone I probably do 20 to 30 hours of community service and being a part of the community is just a really big part of the Mount Marty way.

The professor who has had the biggest impact on my academic career has been Dr. Woo. She really helped me learn how to study and showed me how to prepare for upper-level courses. That’s not only made a big difference during my time at MMC but will help me in my future as well. 


How have you gotten involved in campus life?

Beyond baseball, I’m part of the Biochemistry club and the Step-Up Club. The Step-Up club does direct volunteer work around Mount Marty and the Yankton community.


Why are you grateful you chose Mount Marty College?

I’m thankful for coming to Mount Marty because it’s given me a chance to further my education. It was a good choice, and I would recommend it to anyone. You don’t have to be religious, or a certain religion, it’s really open to anyone, and the Benedictine values we learn are really important even if you just want to be successful in life.