Jump onstage.

Theatre is in your blood. You might not yet realize it, but it’s there. The experience of tapping into a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Finding the courage and tenacity to try something new, take risks, and find inspiration. Whether on stage, behind the scenes or in the seats, theatre grabs hold of you, pulses through you and doesn’t let go.

enter an exploration into the exciting world of theatre!

Our courses and production experience will provide you with the nuts and bolts needed for a successful future in theatre – be it an educational, community, or professional setting! Courses will ground you in the areas of acting, directing and design – all tools you will need to make theatre happen after you leave our campus. Also, check out our new Performing Arts Major!

what about the shows?

We have production opportunities for you to get hands-on experience! In addition to one major production each semester, there are student directing scenes, an annual Stations of the Cross presentation, the National Players annual professional touring company, as well as hosting annual high school oral interpretation and regional one-act play contests. 


We offer talent scholarships to incoming students with a desire to make theatre a part of their college experience.