Professional Development Institute

Workshops you'll love. Skills you'll use. Cost you will appreciate!

Mount Marty University continues to host its annual Professional Development Institute. This Spring, more than any other, we made a commitment to offering relevant, meaningful PD opportunities to refresh and invigorate teachers in the field.  Look through the tabs below to find online book studies, current trends workshops, and new twists on technology.  Join our engaging instructors as well as other in-service colleagues in these interactive workshops that will result in credits good for your revitalization and teacher license renewal.

Registration for each workshop will be open through the first day of class.  Please register and pay through the registration site below.  

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Fill Your Cup - 2021 Wellness Retreat

Instructor(S): Amy Reyes
Course Code: EDN-596-01
Cost: $75
Credit(s): 1
Location: Yankton Campus

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” The global pandemic has undoubtedly affected our collective “cups,” especially in the field of education. This workshop was designed to provide opportunities to re-fill your cup through self-care and connection. Participants will explore various dimensions of well-being through experiential practices and the development of a personal wellness plan. Yoga, breath work, mindfulness, and other contemplative practices will be built into our time together to help foster a calm environment and safe space for reflection and growth. The goal is that participants walk away from this workshop feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized and with new tools in their wellness toolbox.

Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers by Grace Stevens

COST: $75
LOCATION: Online Book Study

Today, students and teachers feel unprecedented—even alarming—levels of stress. This book study allows teachers to focus on stress reduction and a positive classroom environment. Students will interact with one another through threaded online discussions responding to prompts that follow the book’s positive psychology and authentic real-life examples of the teaching experience. Participants will learn 10 simple positive mindset habits to train them to increase their own happiness and positive outlook. This is light reading and holds the intention of uplifting the teacher’s soul as they reflect on a difficult year and prepare for the future.

Please purchase your book by June 1 to take part in the first week's reading / response.

Moving your Classroom Online With Google Apps

INSTRUCTOR(S): Leasa Woodward
COST: $75

This course will offer participants the opportunity to become more
familiar with Google Applications for the classroom. An overview of Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Classroom will be provided. Participants will have worktime to create assignments that are applicable to their grade level and classroom needs. Those who enroll in this class should have a Google account (school or personal) that allows access to the Google Suite for Education (drive, docs, slides, forms, classroom).

Practice on the Prairie: Supporting Well-Being During a Pandemic

Instructor(S): Dr. Carol Stewart, Debbi McCuin
COST: $75

An interactive 2-day workshop in which students will survey the landscape of information regarding the impact of the pandemic in a variety of disciplines. Together we will analyze and evaluate related mental health and wellness challenges, opportunities and ethical dilemmas. The end goal is for each student to develop a project outlining pathways to accessing services in their field of study (nursing, teaching, counseling, etc.)

YAMWI Conference - "Heroes in Mental Health and Wellness"

INSTRUCTOR(S): Lori Lincoln
COST: $50

This is an annual conference offered through the Yankton Area
Mental Wellness, Inc. (YAMWI). This year's virtual conference theme is "Heroes in Mental Health and Wellness." 

Registration Information

To register for the conference, visit Yankton Area Mental Wellness, Inc. at Registration opens on April 20 and costs $175 for the 2-day conference.

You can earn 1 credit of ongoing licensure credit through MMU for an additional $50 by registering here on this page. Proof of attendance and written reflective work will be required for the transcribed credit. A syllabus will be available.