Professional Development Institute

Workshops you'll love. Skills you'll use. Cost you will appreciate!

Mount Marty University continues to host its annual Professional Development Institute. This Spring, more than any other, we made a commitment to offering relevant, meaningful PD opportunities to refresh and invigorate teachers in the field.  Look through the tabs below to find online book studies, current trends workshops, and new twists on technology.  Our offerings change seasonally, and if necessitated by the environmental concerns of COVID-19, all these workshops will be delivered virtually.  Join our engaging instructors as well as other in-service colleagues in these interactive workshops that will result in credits good for your revitalization and teacher license renewal.

Registration for each workshop will be open through the first day of class.  Please register and pay through the registration site below.  

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Today, students and teachers feel unprecedented—even alarming—levels of stress.   Author Thomas Armstrong offers an answer in the form of mindfulness, a practice he defines as the intentional focus of one’s attention on the present moment in a non-judgmental way.  Students will interact with one another through threaded online discussions responding to prompts that follow the book’s room out of theory and techniques behind this movement. In the end, students will write a final reflection that includes how mindfulness could exist within your current structure and systems.

The course runs from June 1-July 12, with weekly readings and online discussions. Taught by veteran PDI instructor Emily Yenny, Instructional Coach for Thompson School District.  

This course will offer participants the opportunity to become more familiar with google applications for the classroom.  An overview of google drive, google documents, google slides, google sheets, google forms, and google classroom will be provided.  Participants will have worktime to create assignments that are applicable to their grade level and classroom needs.  Those who enroll in this class should have a google account (school or personal) that allows access to the google suite for education (drive, docs, slides, forms, google classroom).    

Course dates:  June 15-16  |  8:30-5:00  |  Yankton High School Library  |  Room 129

Taught by Veteran PDI instructor, Leasa Woodward.  Scheduled for delivery in person unless environmental circumstances warrant Virtual Delivery. Participants will be informed of any changes to the delivery format before class begins.  


The YAMWI Annual Conference has been cancelled for this year.  Additional information can be obtained online through YAMWI website. 

This course will discuss the latest trends in education in the past few years: Flexible Seating, Individualized Instruction, Passion Projects, and Habits of Mind.   We have implemented all of these practices into our classrooms, and will agree they are beneficial for any classroom.  We will discuss all in length, and give materials that we have found useful in implementing.  Students will get an opportunity to research, plan, and mold these techniques to their classroom needs.  

Course dates:  June 18-19  |  8:30-5:00  |  Scholastica Learning Center Room 107  /  Mount Marty University

Taught by veteran PDI instructor Faydra Christensen, MS and Heidi Savey, MS, in-service teachers with Yankton School District. Scheduled for delivery in person unless environmental circumstances warrant Virtual Delivery. Participants will be informed of any changes to the delivery format before class begins.  

Course dates:  June   |  8:30-5:00  |  

Taught by veteran PDI instructor