Professional Development Institute

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Mount Marty University continues to host its annual Professional Development Institute. Each spring, we make a commitment to offering relevant, meaningful professional development opportunities to refresh and invigorate teachers in the field. Look through the tabs below to find online book studies, current trends workshops, and new twists on technology. Join our engaging instructors as well as other in-service colleagues in these interactive workshops that will result in credits good for your revitalization and teacher license renewal.

faculty formation

INSTRUCTOR(S): jason heron & jamison rounds
COST: $75
LOCATION: Sacred heart/st. ben's 

This is a closed cohort intended for Sacred Heart/St. Ben's school teachers only.

To share Scripture and Tradition with Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle School Students within a Catholic system means the faculty themselves have to have an understanding and formation in both. This course will introduce faculty to a basic study of Scripture and Tradition while discussing ways they can integrate what they have learned into their classes at various levels.

what school could be (5-wk online book study)

Instructor(S): Debbi Mccuin
Course Code: EDN-596-01
Cost: $75
Credit(s): 1
Location: online d2l

In this book, Ted Dintersmith provides stirring anecdotes to warm your heart along with reasons to be hopeful that the change we need will come from today's students and the teachers who lead them. Read this book to become a teacher to help children thrive; you will feel connected to the thousands of other teachers motivated by this same value. 

finding connection: wellness retreat

INSTRUCTOR(S): amy reyes
COST: $75
LOCATION/time: bede 309 / 8:30-4:30

In a global pandemic that introduced us to ideas of "social distancing," "quarantine," and "alone together," we've had to get creative and discover ways to keep going through difficult times. Technologically, we're more connected than ever. And yet, so many situations leave us feeling lacking in real, genuine human connection. This workshop is all about re-establishing that connection. Reconnecting with ourselves, our community, and the environment. We will hold space for each other while we refill our cups, planing seends of intention and watching them grow through practices of self-care and connection. Participants will explore various dimensions of well-being through experiential practices and the development of a personal wellness plan. Yoga, breath work, mindfulness, and other contemplative practices will be built into our time together to help foster a calm environment and safe space for reflection and growth. The goal is that participants walk away from this workshop feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized and with new tools in their wellness toolbox.

yankton area mental wellness, inc. conference

INSTRUCTOR(S): lori lincoln
COST: $75
LOCATION/time: mmu campus / 8:30-4:30

Students will expand professional and personal development in mental health, education, and wellness through participation in the Yankton Area Mental Wellness Conference sponsored by Yankton Area Mental Wellness, Inc. 

Please note: This fee only pays for receiving 1 credit on a transcript for attending the course and responding reflectively. You must register and pay for the conference on the YAMWI website: (cost of conference: $205).

strategies & interventions to support students in elementary math

Instructor(S): heidi savey & faydra christensen
COST: $75
LOCATION/time: slc 107 / 8:30-4:30

Learn highly effective strategies and interventions to help your struggling math students significantly boost their skills, confidence and achievement. Also, increase motivation, differentiate instruction and create a growth mindset for your struggling math students, paving the way to successful learning. Course taught by experienced elementary teachers with over 25 years of experience in the classroom.

student owned and student led learning in the classroom

INSTRUCTOR(S): jennifer weber
COST: $75
LOCATION/time: bede 309 / 8:30-4:30

Through a book study, this course challenges teachers to analyze their own classrooms, with an intent to implement changes toward more personalized, student-led and authentic learning environments. Teachers in this course will analyze their own current classroom choices, align them with student learning, all while managing the data-driven decision making and dynamic environment of today's schools and learners. 

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