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Mount Marty University continues to host its annual Professional Development Institute. Each spring, we make a commitment to offering relevant, meaningful professional development opportunities to refresh and invigorate teachers in the field. Look through the tabs below to find online book studies, current trends workshops, and new twists on technology. Join our engaging instructors as well as other in-service colleagues in these interactive workshops that will result in credits good for your revitalization and teacher license renewal.


2024 Workshops / Courses

Online Book Study

Yankton School District Teachers Only.

INSTRUCTOR(S): Nicole Valnes and Cody lukkes
COST: $50
credit(s): 1 credit
date(s): march 10-may 3

jumpstart rti, by susan l. hall will run from march 10-may 3. all texts will be provided. all interactions will take place through google classroom.


Course Description:

Susan L. Hall asserts that an educator's job is not done until a school's RTI practices result in at least 95 percent of its students reading at benchmark levels. This book's research-based strategies will get you started on the road to those results quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Included are case studies, delivery models, practical tools, reproducibles, analysis worksheets, and forms that can be downloaded. This book provides instructions for:

  • Effectively implementing RTI for all students
  • Integrating curriculum-based measures in program development
  • Measuring RTI's impact on student learning

Yankton Area Mental Wellness Annual Conference

COUrse code: edn-596-01
INSTRUCTOR(S): lori lincoln
cost: $50
DATE(S) & TIME(S): june 5 - june 6, 2024, 8:00-5:00
location: yankton high school

Students will expand professional and personal development in mental health, education, and wellness through participation in the Yankton Area Mental Wellness Conference sponsored by Yankton Area Mental Wellness, Inc.  Students must sign up for the YAMWI conference at and then can sign up here to receive 1 transcripted credit for their attendance and a final reflection paper.  

Behavior Strategies for a Successful Classroom

INSTRUCTOR(S): cody lukkes
COST: $75
DATE(S) & time(s): JUNE 10 - june 11, 2024, 8:30-5:00
location: scholastica learning center (slc) 107, mount marty university 

This course integrates Boys Town Well-Managed Classrooms, Responsive Classroom, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) strategies. Participants will learn proactive techniques for setting expectations, fostering positive relationships, and managing behaviors. They'll also gain crisis prevention and intervention skills to ensure classroom safety and effectively de-escalate conflicts. Through practical sessions and case studies, educators will develop a comprehensive toolkit for creating inclusive, supportive learning environments while handling crisis situations with confidence.

Strategies and Interventions to Support Students in Elementary Math

INSTRUCTOR(S): faydra christensen, heidi savey
COST: $75
DATE(S) & TIME(S): JUNE 13 - june 14, 2024, 8:30-5:00

Learn highly effective strategies and interventions to help your struggling math students significantly boost their skills, confidence and achievement. Also, increase motivation, differentiate instruction and create a growth mindset for your struggling math students, paving the way to successful learning. Course taught by experienced elementary teachers with over 30 years experience in the classroom, math intervention, and math coaching.

SCASD Speech Conference

INSTRUCTOR(S): danielle harms
COST: $50
DATE(S) & time(s): july 23, 2024 (online pre-conference. contact danielle harms for info.)
july 24 - july 25, 2024, 8:00-5:00
location: south dakota state university, brookings, south dakota.

Participants in the Speech Communication Association of South Dakota (SCASD) 2024 conference held on July 23-25, 2024, will expand their understanding of current best practices in speech, debate, and theater either in the classroom or in the extra-curricular areas. Further, they will develop an understanding of the issues facing speech and debate teachers/coaches and theater directors. They will demonstrate their ability to apply these practices in their classroom or extra-curricular area through completion of the required assignment.

Questions? Contact:

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