Faculty Development

Mount Marty University Faculty handbook defines the scholarly activities include but is not limited to publishing books, chapters, and articles; presenting papers, posters, artistic works, exhibitions, performances, and workshops; obtaining competitive grants or fellowships; performing research; doing field work; attending workshops or conferences; engaging in formal studies or continuing education. Here are some grant and library resources facilitate scholarly activities.

faculty development committee

Standing committee of Academic Senate - 2016 Handbook Role: To stimulate and support faculty members’ pursuit of on-going professional development and to provide on-campus opportunities for doing so. Review and recommend faculty proposals for professional development funding.

faculty development funds policy

Based on the Benedictine Sister’s Endowment Fund whose purpose has been established to stress the importance of continual education and professional development by the Mount Marty University faculty.

2020-2021 school year - $15,000 to be disbursed along the following criteria:

  • Professional development for all faculty at workshop
  • Professional meeting
  • Research
  • Degree advancement classes (doctoral)
  • Other projects deemed acceptable

In addition, the policy approved by Senate in 2016-17 school year was:

Monies would be allocated to FT faculty in increments of up to $1000 for these purposes:

  • Juried or peer reviewed, regional or national, discipline-specific conferences or activities, whether presenting or attending.
  • Priority would be given to individuals not receiving the scholarship award in the immediately preceding school year.
  • After March 15 all remaining monies become available to anyone, prior year recipients included.
  • Smaller amounts of up to $200 may be requested every school year, regardless of last year’s award status, for itemized professional development memberships and items. 

To request faculty development funds:

A narrative request containing an explanation of the amount and purpose of the funds shall be sent to the committee chair for distribution, discussion and decision by the committee. This application narrative must reflect evidence of how this is tied to faculty member’s teaching or expertise in his/her field or discipline. Evidence of cost analysis (such as conference cost, travel and overnight stays, itemized lists of professional development items, etc) is required with the request. Mileage and per diem awards are standard for the institution (.37/mile and $30/3 meal day). Alcohol is not a covered expense. Taking students on field trips or experiential learning opportunities is also not a covered expense. These funds are only for faculty development.

Furthermore, the addendum approved by Senate in 2021-2022 school year was:

Starting on June 1 of each fiscal year, the Faculty Development Committee entertains the second fund request with the cap of $1,000 (disregarding the amount received from the first request) or the retroactive application of a project that was previously funded partially in the same fiscal year due to the $1,000 fund cap (with a cumulative cap of $2,000), if there are funds remaining.

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Under DATABASES AND RESOURCES tab in Lancer link, there are the following databases: CINAHL, ERIC, Gale Virtual Reference Library, JoVE, Noodle Tools, MedLine, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, Dissertations & Theses @Mount Marty University, ProQuest All Databases, ScienceDirect, South Dakota Share-it Online Catalogs and Databases, Wiley Online Library and World Cat

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