No one likes parking tickets — and we don’t like to write them — so follow these rules and you’ll never see that little slip of paper flapping under your windshield wiper. 

There’s no fee for parking permits, but you must register your vehicle with the Student Affairs Office (Roncalli Center Room # 210A) within five school days after classes begin. Just provide your license number, make, model, and color of your vehicle and you will receive a free parking decal, which should be placed in the lower right-hand corner of the back window.

All parking lots are clearly marked. Curbs and lots marked in yellow are for emergency vehicles and are “no parking zones.” Don’t park on sidewalks, crosswalks, grass, lawns, in front of driveways or fire hydrants, in fire lanes or fire exits, in a handicapped space without a proper permit, or in a loading zone unless unloading. Vehicles not in regulated parking areas risk being ticketed. Mount Marty University is not responsible for damaged vehicles or lost or stolen personal property. 

Report all accidents or disabled vehicles to the Department of Facilities Services along with local law enforcement. College vehicles will not be used to jump-start disabled vehicles, but a portable jumper cable unit is available. Facilities Services will not assist in lock picking on vehicles that have had the keys locked inside. You are responsible for all locksmith fees. If you are parked in a restricted area and your car is locked or unable to start, please contact security to avoid receiving a parking violation.

Fines for parking violations are as follows:

No Valid Parking Permit               $25.00
Parking in Visitor Parking Only   $100.00
Parking in Handicap Parking   $100.00
Parking in a Reserved Parking Spot   $100.00
Parking in a Fire Lane   $100.00
Parking in the Monastery Lot   $25.00
Parking in Spaces After Posted Hours   $25.00
Parking in a “No Parking Anytime” spot $25.00

**Parking in a “No Parking Anytime” spot is also subject to towing


Fines must be paid within five days of the ticket issue date, or it will be added to your account. Unpaid citations could prevent you from class registration or receiving a student transcript.

If you feel you’ve gotten a ticket in error, citations may be appealed within two weeks of the ticket issue date. Contact the Office for Student Affairs and fill out a Violation Appeal form. The Appeals Committee will then review the case. Not having a permit or not seeing a posted sign are not valid reasons for filing an appeal.

The Department of Facilities Services issues parking citations and will coordinate with local towing agencies if your vehicle needs to be towed. You are responsible for towing costs or any service fees that apply — so let’s work together to avoid that situation.