Food Services

Studying is hard work. It’s easy to get busy on campus, but you’ll never miss a meal because Campus Dining offers a variety of options and flexible serving hours to meet anyone's schedule. Between the Main Dining Room in Roncalli and the offerings at Benedict's Cafe you’ll find menu options to accommodate any taste. 

Crazy-busy schedule? Don’t worry, sack lunches are available if you miss a meal due to class or work conflicts or on-campus athletic events. Please notify the Campus Dining office 24 hours in advance if you’d like a sack lunch. Sick trays are available through the Main Dining Room. Please visit the Residence Hall Director to make arrangements.

Not living on campus? Both dining locations are available to commuting students. Commuters have the option of paying with cash or credit, adding flex dollars to their student ID card, or purchasing a commuter meal plan. Meal plans and flex dollars can be added at the campus dining office (Roncalli 203).


This plan includes 10 meals per week with $250 for Benny's or the Main Dining Room. 

This plan includes 14 meals per week with $100 for Benny's or the Main Dining Room. 

This plan gives you access to all meals available throughout the week. An additional $50 is added to your ID card to spend at Benny's or the Main Dining Room. 

Please contact Campus Dining to set up a commuter meal plan at 605-668-1550.

Because meal plans are included in the cost of housing and food all residential students are required to have a meal plan.  The cost will be billed to your account.

To accommodate a changing schedule you can change your meal during the first two weeks of each semester. Meals are not served during school vacations.


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