Mount Marty University's Hospitality Families

A blessing accompanies both the offering and the receiving of the hospitality.

Lancer students come from all over the world to study at Mount Marty University. For many students, being away from home can cause a lot of different emotions–excitement, anticipation, and maybe a bit of homesickness.

Here at Mount Marty, Yankton community members help to make the college transition and experience smoother for students through our Hospitality Families Program! The intention of this program is to provide hospitality to our students and a connection to our community. 

Here are some ways that Mount Marty students are supported by Hospitality Families:

  • Hospitality families provide answers to questions about Yankton – for example, post office location, hair salon recommendations, best pizza place, etc.
  • Hospitality families attend Mount Marty games, concerts, productions, etc. to cheer on and support their student.
  • Hospitality families regularly check in to see how students are doing and see if there's anything they need.
  • Hospitality families do not provide financial support to students.

To learn more, check out the MMU Hospitality Family Guide Overview.

To sign up to be a Hospitality Family OR to sign up as a student to be matched with a family, register here