Managing Conflicts

October 5, 2023

Keley Smith-Keller

All relationships experience conflicts, especially at a time when electronic communications facilitate heated discussions. Avoiding conflicts is impossible, but learning to manage them is something we can learn as a tool for better relationships at all levels. 

When conflict is mishandled it damages our relationships. Learning to resolve conflicts is a skill that we must exercise. This ability includes how we communicate with others and express our emotions. At the same time it also includes being aware of how sensitive we are to the needs of others. When you are experiencing conflict with a roommate, classmate, or teammate, consider these options:

  1. Acknowledge that there is a conflict.
  2. Let individuals express their feelings.
  3. Define the problem.
  4. Determine underlying needs.
  5. Find common areas of agreement, no matter how small.
  6. Find solutions to satisfy needs.
  7. Determine the follow-up you will take to monitor actions.
  8. Determine what you'll do if the conflict goes unresolved.

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