New Facilities Manager Sees A Lot Of Potential At MMC

August 30, 2018

Reilly Biel - Yankton P&D

From the start, Chad Altwine could tell that Mount Marty College (MMC) was special.

Having previously been the facilities manager of Wayne State College in Nebraska, which is four times the size of MMC, Altwine said he could sense the feeling of community when he became the college’s new facilities manager Aug. 20.

"A nice part of being here is how friendly people are," he told the Press & Dakotan.

A Crofton, Nebraska resident, Altwine was first interested in working at MMC due to its close proximity to home. One of his daughters also attends MMC, which gave him an idea of what he could expect.

As facilities manager, Altwine oversees everything in the facilities department, including building maintenance and construction. He has spent his first week and a half acquainting himself with the campus buildings and staff, prioritizing the projects that need to be worked on.

"I make sure we’re good stewards of our resources, that everything is running as efficiently as possible and that the campus is being maintained," he explained.

Being good stewards means utilizing the resources made available to the college to positively impact its mission of lifelong learning, hospitality, community and awareness of God, he added.

"It’s important that we create a safe, comfortable environment for learning," he said. "We need to make sure to enhance the campus so that your experience here is something you remember positively, whether you’re here four years or for an event."

As part of his job, Altwine works with MMC administrators on the campus’s daily needs and whatever construction projects are down the road. He is currently helping oversee the completion of the Avera Science and Nursing Center.

"There’s huge potential (at MMC) and I can feel the momentum," he said. "I’m excited to be a part of it."

He noted that MMC has a different culture from that of Wayne State.

"It’s very evident that the motto — Lead. Serve. Impact. — is something Mount Marty is true to," he said. "They don’t just say it — they do it through their actions, from the faculty and staff to the students. It’s a really neat thing."

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