Mount Marty College to Add Three New Varsity Sports

May 18, 2018

YANKTON — The momentum continues for Lancer Athletics; last week, the Mount Marty College Board of Trustees approved the motion to add three new varsity sports — Varsity Shotgun Sports, Varsity Cheer, and Varsity Dance — to the College’s list of intercollegiate athletic offerings.

This announcement is exciting news for both the College and high-school athletes who are looking to continue their shooting, cheer, and dance careers into their college years.

“We are very excited about the addition of varsity shotgun sports, dance and cheer to the MMC athletic department,” says MMC Athletic Director Chris Kassin. “We’ve had an established trap shooting club team since 2014, and this change will allow us to increase our recruiting footprint and offer competitive scholarships to those interested in continuing to shoot at the collegiate level.​”

Kassin says the addition of cheerleaders and a dance squad will provide an excellent competitive outlet for talented students while it helps build and maintain the momentum happening in the rest of the athletic department, “The cheer and dance teams will be GPAC championship sports and will compete in several competitions during the year, but they’ll also play a vital role in the enhancement of our sporting events and build up the competitive spirit of Lancer Nation.”   

The Shotgun Sports team is actively recruiting team members now and will begin competing during the 2018-2019 season. The cheer and dance teams will make their Lancer debut in the fall of 2019. Scholarships will be available for athletes in all three programs.

There are more details to come about all three programs. For more information about Lancer Athletics visit For information about Mount Marty College visit