Mount Marty College Receives Land Donation

December 17, 2018

Enrollment on the Mount Marty College (MMC) campus in Yankton was up this fall, and the land holdings of the school are growing as well thanks to the generosity of Yankton resident and MMC assistant business professor Charlie Gross.  

Earlier this month MMC was gifted with funds to purchase a piece of ground located to the east of the main campus. The land, which is located approximately a block away from campus across Summit Street, is adjacent to Westside Park and was previously owned by the Yankton County Historical Society, Inc. Historically the land functioned as a track for Yankton’s old middle school.

MMC Athletic Director, Chris Kassin, says the college is appreciative any time it receives a donation and this one will be particularly beneficial to the athletics department. “We are grateful for the donation of this land; the athletics department plans to use it as a practice field for our soccer teams which will improve practice schedules for all of our athletes,” Kassin added that the new field will also provide additional space for intramural sports.

Gross sees the donation as a way to support a number of causes that are important to him. “Growing up I always thought of the track as a part of the park and it was important to me that it stays a part of the park; by giving the money to the MMC I was able to support the growth of the college and make a positive impact on the historical society, so it was a win-win.”

Beyond the addition of a sprinkler system, MMC has no plans to develop the property.