Mount Marty College Holds Annual Recognition Banquet

May 11, 2018

Mount Marty College held its annual end-of-the-year Recognition Banquet on the evening of Thursday, May 10, 2018. The yearly event is a time for administrators, faculty, and staff to relax, eat, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments and the end of another successful academic year. Awards given at the ceremony include years-of-service awards, retirement awards and various individual awards for service, hospitality, leadership, and achievement.

This year the following people received five-year awards; Jared Schwans, Gregory Heine, James Hovland, Tamara Pease, David Dickes, Kathy Lawrence, Tabitha Likness and Terry Lafferty.

Ten-year awards were presented to Thomas Schlimgen, Gayle Webert, and Arnold Schaeffer.

Awards for 15 years of service were given to Diane Dvorak, Marvin Huber, and Joanne Marsh.

David Hansen and Paul Lammers were recognized for 20 years of service and Christine Hof for 25 years.

Retirement awards were presented to Thomas Schlimgen who retired with ten years of service, S. Matthew Wehri with 49 years of service, Arlis Ded with 18 years of service and S. Esther Holzbauer with 43 years of service.

The individual awards presented during the event recognize faculty and staff who’s exemplary performance makes them stand out from the crowd. Candidates for these awards are nominated for recognition by their peers.

This year the Distinguished Teaching Award was presented to Dr. Jamie Sullivan. Recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Awards were Andy Bernatow (staff) and Dr. Jim Reese (faculty). Dave Hansen was given the Distinguished Service Award for staff members, and S. Esther Holzbauer received the Distinguished Service Award for faculty. The Distinguished Leadership Team award was presented to the Facilities Department, and the Bishop Marty Hospitality Award was presented to Ashley Dimmer.

The event ended with a drawing for prizes and a message of gratitude for MMC President, Dr. Marc Long who thanked the MMC community for their commitment to the MMC mission and each other.