God's Palette | Paddlefish 2022-23

March 28, 2024

Dr. Terry Lafferty

Light and color

wed by the circling celestial orb

on a palette of wood and stone. 

The image moving,


molding itself

to the solid canvas

of wall and pew. 

Each day presents

its own fleeting moment

of divine artistry. 

If only I pass by

at just the right time,

and I, with seeking heart,

look every day

for the voice of the One who

calls to me,

“Look! See what I did for you today?”

A vision, public,

for anyone to view and take notice,

yet I venture in daily to steal a glimpse at what

He who seeks me has prepared.

Sharp, vibrant, clear images

or muted, blended, blurred shapes and hues, 

all speak a message of comfort

into my heart and mind.