Wu, Dr. Chun

Wu, Dr. Chun
Title: Professor of Chemistry, Division Chair of Natural Sciences
Department: Natural Sciences
Office: ASNC 150
Phone: 605-668-1391



B.S., Chemistry, Sichuan University
M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Sichuan University
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry, The University of New Mexico



CHM 364 Biochemistry
CHM 341 Analytical Chemistry
CHM 342 Instrumental Analysis
CHM 231 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 232 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 111 General Chemistry I
CHM 112 General Chemistry II
CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry
CHM 490 Seminar
CHM 498 Research
RAD 101 Introduction to Radiologic Technology, 



  • Novel Antibiotic Development
  • Multiple Sclerosis Pathogenesis



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