Telling Stories | Paddlefish 2022-23

March 4, 2024

Christian Mickelson

I feel as though I’m locked behind the bars of my vivid imagination.

I am living vicariously through the version of myself I make up in my head.
Experiencing things, I’ll never truly experience.

I watch the screen I put up in the currents of my mind, starring the heroic version of myself that matters, 
While the authentic version of myself lives in the shadows of the theater cast by whom I wish I were.

Daydreaming of this fantasy is always like a strip of film I rewind repeatedly.

A movie I direct, and like all films, something I wish could come to fruition,
But deep down, I know it will always stay fictional.


about christian mickelson

Christian is a junior English major at Mount Marty University. Christian competes with the university's men's basketball team. One day, Christian aspires to teach English and coach basketball. He loves to write and read and is inspired by the powerful emotions created by storytelling.