Incoming First-year Students

Academic Merit Scholarships

All incoming first-year students who will be enrolled full-time at the Yankton campus and meet minimum qualifications are eligible to receive a minimum amount of Mount Marty scholarships and gift aid. Check out our Scholarship Explorer to make sure you know about all available scholarships!

Mount Marty University awards yearly merit scholarship amounts based solely on a student's GPA. If accepted to Mount Marty, you could receive one of three following awards, based on your overall academic history:

  • $18,000 | 3.7 - 4.0 GPA
  • $15,000 | 3.2 - 3.69 GPA
  • $13,000 | Less than a 3.2 GPA

If you are coming to Mount Marty from a GED program, you can estimate what you will qualify for using the chart below. Contact your admissions representative for a confirmed amount.

Old GED Score

New GED Score

Scholarship Amount

500-559 145-164 $13,000
560-629 165-174 $15,000
630-800 175-200 $18,000

These academic merit scholarships are renewed each year as long as you remain a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours per semester) in good academic standing.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

You are more than your grades, and Mount Marty awards scholarships that celebrate your passions and experiences. You can apply for the scholarships below to receive additional support. 

Amount: Variable
Eligibility: Full-time, Yankton campus traditional student or transfer who will participate in intercollegiate athletics.
Application: Apply for admission and receive a recommendation from a Mount Marty coach.

Amount: Variable
Eligibility: Full-time, Yankton campus student or a transfer who is interested in participating in art, band, theatre or choir.
Application: Apply for admission and indicate an interest on your application. You can share your interest with your enrollment counselor, who will put you in touch with professors and other students in your area of interest. Fill out the Fine Arts recruiting form here!

Amount: $1,000 per year
Eligibility: Full-time, Yankton campus students with a parent or grandparent holding a Mount Marty undergraduate or graduate degree, or who currently have a sibling enrolled at Mount Marty University.
Application: Apply for admission. Student must indicate family member on their application.

Amount: $18,000, cannot be combined with merit scholarships.
Eligibility: Students that have been a mentee in the TeamMates program for a minimum of 2 years.
Application: Apply for admission by January 1 and complete the FAFSA.

Amount: $18,000, cannot be combined with merit scholarships
Application: Apply for admission and indicate an interest on your application. You can share your interest with your enrollment counselor.