Student Employment

Work Study is a federal student assistance program that provides part-time jobs for students with financial need.

Campus Employment is an employment program funded by the school for those that do not qualify for federal work-study. The purpose of these programs is to provide students with employment which will assist them in meeting their academic expenses as well as learning knowledge of work ethics and responsibility. The program encourages community service work.

Students may participate in the student employment program if they have been awarded Federal Work Study or Campus Employment by the Financial Assistance Office and if they are maintaining satisfactory academic progress as a full-time student. Students must apply for financial assistance to qualify for the student employment program. Students cannot be placed in a position unless they have completed this process, regardless if they have had a position in previous years. Work Study/Campus Employment is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The first priority date to apply is March 1st.

Work Study/Campus Employment Handbook Work Study/Campus Employment Handbook is available to review for more details about the program. This manual sets forth guidelines to clarify the working relationship between the student and the supervisor in order to promote better communication. The manual also explains the rights and responsibilities of students and their employers.

Work study Employment Application