Yankton Undergraduate Programs

2024-2025 cost of attendance

At Mount Marty's Yankton campus, you'll get the traditional experience on a beautiful residential campus, with options to live on campus, play competitive sports, participate in extracurricular activities and create lasting friendships. Below is the cost to attend Mount Marty University in Yankton - this is the cost before any financial aid packages are applied to help reduce the cost.

Full-Time Students (12-18 credits)

Direct Costs On Campus Off Campus At Home
Tuition $31,500 $31,500 $31,500
Program Support Fee $3,000 $3,000 $3,000
Wellness Fee $100 $100 $100
Housing & Food $9,800  -  -
Total Direct Costs $44,400 $34,600 $34,600
Indirect Costs      
Housing & Food - $9,800 $2,520
Personal $2,368 $2,368 $2,368
Transportation $2,700 $2,700 $2,700
Books & Supplies $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Loan Fees $200 $200 $200
Total Indirect Costs  $6,468 $16,268 $8,988
Total Cost of Attendance for 24-25 $50,868 $50,868 $43,588

Other Costs

Direct Costs: These are costs charged by the University to all 
full-time undergraduate students.

Indirect Costs: These costs are estimates so students have a budget
for personal costs such as books, gas, and housing and food if living
off campus. These costs are not charged by the University.


Part-Time Students

1-8 credit hours $600 per Credit Hour
9-11 credit hours $995 per Credit Hour
Program Support Fee* $50 per Credit Hour

Radiologic Technology Program (years 3 and 4)

The first and second year costs of the radiologic technology program
are the regular full-time Yankton Undergraduate costs shown above.

Direct Costs Off Campus At Home
Mount Marty University Support Fee $1,545 $1,545
Hospital Tuition (paid directly to hospital) $2,500 $2,500
Total Direct Costs $4,045 $4,045
Indirect Costs    
Housing & Food $12,768 $2,472
Personal $4,202 $2,430
Transportation $3,600 $3,600
Books & Supplies $1,236 $1,236
Loan Fees $74 $74
Total Indirect Costs $21,880 $9,812
Total Cost of Attendance $25,925 $13,857


What is cost of attendance?

The cost of attendance for a student includes the cost of tuition & fees as well as an estimate of living expenses including books & supplies, housing, food, transportation, and personal expenses. These expenses may be incurred during an academic year and are used by the institution to help determine a student's financial aid package. Not all students will have the same costs for living expenses, but all full-time students will have the same costs for tuition & fees based on their program. 

What will you actually pay?

Nearly every Mount Marty student pays less than this to attend. Scholarships, grants and financial aid based on your family's income make the out-of-pocket costs much cheaper, so you can get a valuable private education at a surprisingly affordable price. See why you should pay attention to the net price, and use our net price calculator to calculate what your estimated cost would be to attend Mount Marty to see how affordable it really is.


Please contact the Business Office at (605) 668-1575 with questions or for more information regarding billing.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 605-668-1545 or email finaid@mountmarty.edu with questions or for more information regarding cost of attendance and scholarships.