Business Administration

Program Type: Major, Minor
Program Level: Undergraduate, Associate
Department: Social Sciences

The Mount Marty University business program prepares students for a contemporary world of work through education and experience in current theories and practices of management, finance, health care administration and accounting as well as giving students a moral foundation based on traditional Catholic values.

program types

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Associate of Arts
  • Certificate
  • Major
    • Management
    • Banking / Finance
    • Healthcare Administration
    • Small Business / Entrepreneurship
  • Minor
    • Administration


  • Bachelor Degree Requirements 128 Credits
  • Associate Degree Requirements 64 Credits
  • Major Course Requirements:
    • Management and Banking / Finance: 74 credits
    • Healthcare Administration and Small Business / Entrepreneurship: 77 credits
  • Minor Course Requirements: 19 credits
  • Certificate Requirements: 18 credits

Business students have put their talents to use as graduate students, salespeople, managers, accountants and entrepreneurs. Our instructors will provide you with valuable insights into economics, accounting practices and computer science based on their experience with today’s business and market trends. You will have access to computer technology, enabling you to conduct research using resources from all over the world.

As a business major, you will be taught to challenge assumptions and investigate issues beneath the surface. Your motivation to improve the business world will lead to a career that will be deeply rewarding on many levels. Business administration majors are required to participate in an internship experience during their junior or senior year. Students receive comprehensive career training that will enable them to choose among several entry-level positions in business.


Living Benedictine: The Mount Marty community inspires living a life inspired by St. Benedict. All students are invited to encounter, participate in and cultivate lives characterized by prayer, commitment to a place and a community and hospitality. Foundational Courses: Benedictine Leadership Institute classes

Pursuing Knowledge: Acquiring knowledge is necessary in order to succeed in any career, serve any community, or experience any personal group. The wider array of knowledge you obtain, the better you will be able to excel in each of these areas of life. Foundational Courses: Math, Psychology, Lifelong Wellness, and Natural Science classes

Expressing Self: As you acquire knowledge, understanding and insight, you should develop the skills required to share them effectively. Creativity and critical self-examination are among the hallmarks of good communication. Foundational Courses: English, Speech, Fine Arts, and Modern Language classes

Engaging Perspectives: Every person has a unique perspective on the world; however, truth most often lies outside any particular perspective. The quest for truth does not require you to abandon your own point of view, but that you critically engage in a variety of perspectives with humility and respect. Foundational Courses: History, Sociology, Human Relations, and Literature classes

Joseph Sejnoha
Associate Professor of Business, Division Chair of Social Sciences

Charles Gross
Assisstant Professor of Business

Lori Hofer
Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Terry Stull
Instructor of Business

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