CLEP Exams

Students can take College Level Examination Placement (CLEP) exams to earn credits and fulfill requirements at Mount Marty.

To see the minimum score required to be awarded credit and to see the MMU equivalent awarded for specific CLEP exams, click here.

For more information about what is covered on each exam and to purchase an exam code, visit this CLEP webpage.


Scheduling Your CLEP Exam at Mount Marty

Once you've paid for the exam(s), you have six months to schedule and take them. Mount Marty is a testing center so you are able to take CLEP exams on campus.

To schedule your exam, you should contact Karly Kattenbraker at In addition to the registration fee paid to CLEP, each exam requires a $20 cash administration fee paid to Mount Marty when you come in to take the exam.