The Benedictine Leadership Institute for Students

The Benedictine Leadership Institute, an institute for disseminating Benedictine ideas, is an opportunity to infuse the Benedictine way of life, its principles and values into the lives of our students to help them live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Principles, Virtues, and Core Values

It is our vision to transform society through Benedictine thought and action and our mission to form principled and virtuous leaders according to the Benedictine way of life through our values: awareness of God, community, hospitality, and lifelong learning.

Curriculum & Experiential Learning

Each year, the BLI takes our freshman and sophomore students on a transformative experience, either to the Black Hills, the Grand Canyon, or the Rocky Mountains, where they get an opportunity to examine who they are and how it is that they want to impact the world.

At no additional cost above tuition, each trip is part of Mount Marty's education curriculum through the Benedictine Leadership 101 and 201 courses.

For more information, contact BLI Director, Joe Rutten or schedule a visit with Admission.



Through the Benedictine Leadership Institute (BLI), the words of St. Benedict will guide you in finding your place in the world. Regardless of your major, you and your classmates will:

Explore life's peaks and valleys through trips to Estes Park, Colorado and to the Black Hills of South Dakota at no additional cost above tuition.

Find your purpose in this world by asking questions like, "Who am I?" and "How can I make a difference with my degree?" We'll show you how to find the answers!

Create mentorship with professors who challenge you to think critically and problem-solve life's challenges—skills you'll use to succeed in your future career.

Internship and community service opportunities will show you how to be a leader and serve others as you analyze and define how you life your values.

Examine the role you play in promoting and creating a more just and civil community.

Educated in the theory and practice of the Catholic Benedictine values of community, hospitality, life-long learning, and awareness of God, Mount Marty graduates lead with vision, serve with virtue, and impact with value.



Joe Rutten
BLI Director

Unlike anything you'll find at another college or university, the Benedictine Leadership Institute will help you become the person you were created to be, a person of greatness that impacts the world.


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Joe Rutten