Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

Each fall, a selection committee chooses inductees for the following year’s Mount Marty Athletic Hall of Fame. In order to be considered for selection into the MMU Athletic Hall of Fame, an individual must meet the following requirements:

The inductees must have been:

  • A student at Mount Marty University for at least two years and a graduate of MMU.
    • A coach at Mount Marty.
    • An athletic administrator at Mount Marty.
    • A team that represented Mount Marty.
    • An individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Mount Marty Athletic Program.
  • Must have conducted himself/herself in such a way as to reflect honor on Mount Marty University and to have those qualities of character and standards of conduct most desirable in one who may be cited as an example for young people.
  • Must have made a good record in some branch of intercollegiate sports at Mount Marty or have made a distinct contribution to sports.
  • Upon graduation at Mount Marty, the individual must have made a positive contribution to society.
  • Candidates become eligible:
    • Athletes – five years after graduation.
    • Teams – 10 years after academic year
    • Coaches, staff, and others – five years after they leave these positions at Mount Marty or after 10 years of service at Mount Marty.

If you would like to submit a nomination to be considered, email Athletic Director Andy Bernatow with your suggestion.

Congratulations to the 2024 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees!

Three individuals and one entire team will be inducted into the Mount Marty University Athletics Hall of Fame on Friday, September 20 at 6 p.m. at the Ruth Donohoe First Dakota Fieldhouse during Lancer Days. Tickets will be available soon.

  • 1994 Baseball Team
  • Alex (Kneeland) Harris ‘17 - Women’s Basketball
  • Titus Kosgei ‘12 - Men’s Track & Field and XC
  • Chad McGough ‘98 - Men’s Basketball & Baseball

2024: 1994 Baseball Team, Alex (Kneeland) Harris '17 (Basketball), Titus Kosgei '12 (Track & Field), Chad McGough '98 (Basketball, Baseball)

2023: Meghan Barlow '98 (Cross Country and Track and Field), Gene Elder '99 (Baseball), Derek Otton '11 (Soccer), Jenny (Miller) Krier '11 (Basketball)

2022: Lauren Donlin ‘10 (Softball, Soccer), Tony Elizondo ‘92 (Baseball), Kylie (Gross) Knippling ‘12 (Basketball), and 1999 Women's Basketball Team

2021: Tom Schlimgen (Coach) and Katie Smelker ‘15 (Track)

2020: James Cimburek ‘94 (Contributor), Albert Fernandez ‘97 (Coach), Landon Klock ‘99 (Baseball, Basketball), Melissa (Schmidt) Kosch ‘05 (Track, Basketball), and Tom Nelson ‘00 (Track)

2019: Patrick Frank (Employee, Supporter), Matt Geiver ‘00 (Basketball), Monte Lowe ‘80 (Basketball), Kathleen (Velder) Sobotka ‘76 (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Track), and 1986 Women's Basketball Team

2018: Michelle (Amundson) Schumacher ‘10 (Basketball), Jeremy Grady ‘97 (Baseball), Jason Nelson ‘99 (Baseball), and Laura (Wortmann) Morrison ‘09 (Track)

2017: Jake Hoffman ‘02 (Track), Trey Krier ‘10 (Baseball, Basketball), Tevan (Wenbourne) Newman ‘08 (Basketball), and 1977 Men's Basketball Team

2016: NaTascha (Dawson) Krempges ‘00 (Basketball), Ryan Krempges ‘99 (Basketball), and Craig Mock ‘89 (Basketball, Baseball)

2015: Justin Bonnichsen ‘07 (Basketball), Jesse Kurtenbach ‘04 (Baseball), Nancy (Ommen) Heldberg ‘99 (Basketball), and 1999 Baseball Team

2014: Eliza Leloux ‘03 (Track, Basketball), Matt Tereshinski ‘99 (Baseball), and Audra (Tramp) Tonn ‘96 (Basketball) 

2013: Katie (Heine) Pesicka ‘02 (Basketball), 1972 Women's Volleyball Team, and 1998 Men's Basketball Team

2012: Teresa (Ellis) Jensen ‘94 (Volleyball, Basketball), Aaron Kranz ‘99 (Basketball), Dr. Rich Lofthus (Contributor, Faculty Athletic Representative), and Jason Selchert ‘96 (Baseball, Basketball)

2011: Tim Jensen ‘05 (Baseball), Christina Orr ‘92 (Basketball), and Michelle (Pfeifer) Bonk ‘04 (Track, Cross Country)

2010: Laurie (Boynton) Baily ‘78 (Softball), Kelly Heller ‘93 (Baseball), S. Ann Kessler (Contributor, Booster), and Tim Lorang ‘04 (Baseball)

2009: Jason Even ‘97 (Basketball), Chuck Iverson (Coach, Athletic Director), and Marvin Veasy ‘86 (Basketball)

2008: Kristi (Cihak) Soukup ‘93 (Basketball), Dwight Hauff (Contributor), Keith Heingartner ‘81 (Basketball), and Doug Martin (Coach)

2007: Jane (Fraser) Bies ‘92 (Basketball), Mike Johnson ‘74 (Basketball), Bob Tereshinski (Coach), and Mac Zackow ‘96 (Baseball)

2006: Bill Dawson ‘79 (Basketball), Kari (Hohn) Bohlmann ‘97 (Track), Judi (Hood) Faunce (Coach), and Wayne Sullivan ‘91 (Baseball) 

2005: Amy (Brady) Lein ‘91 (Basketball), Jennifer (Even) Glasheen ‘96 (Volleyball, Basketball), Shane Fejfar ‘89 (Baseball), and Kevin Lein ‘81 (Basketball)

2004: Julie (Hinrichs) Hartke ‘97 (Track), Hod Nielsen (Contributor, Booster), Doug Pesicka ‘83 (Basketball), Mac Rops ‘98 (Basketball), and Frank Yaggie (Contributor, Booster)

2002: Diana (Burkard) Hicks ‘90 (Basketball), Randy Gross ‘82 (Basketball), Stef (Samelson) Wiedenfeld ‘95 (Volleyball), Dan Wallbaum (Contributor, Booster), and Ted Wallendorf ‘78 (Basketball)

2001: Laddie E. Cimpl (Contributor, Booster)

1987: S. Rhoda Foecke (Fan), Greg Kiger ‘78 (Basketball), Rich Shipp ‘78 (Basketball), and Dean Specht (Administrator)

1986: Janet Jager ‘77 (Volleyball, Basketball) 

1985: Chuck Brewer ‘76 (Basketball), S. Joyce Feterl ‘74 (Volleyball, Basketball), Rudy Gerstner (Coach, Contributor), Autro “Archie” Heath ‘72 (Basketball), and Darlene (Thole) Dunlau ‘75 (Volleyball, Basketball)