Academic Advising

All degree seeking students are provided opportunities to confer with academic advisors before enrollment and throughout their program. An advisor provides students an understanding of their academic status and the requirements they must satisfy for the completion of their degree program. Advisors are available to work with students online, by phone or in person. 


The Mother Jerome Schmitt Library provides access to a vast selection of books, and periodicals, as well as online databases, journals and other online services. Assistance with academic writing is available through the Center for Academic Excellence.

All MMU policies are described in the undergraduate and graduate course catalogs available here and student handbooks which can be accessed through LancerLink.

LancerLink is a secure system for accessing your student information. Once you are admitted you will receive an email with information how to log in for the first time. The following information and services are available through the student portal:

  • Accessing grades
  • Student schedule information
  • Advisor information
  • External links to frequently used items and sites
  • Course attendance records
  • GPA calculator
  • Making changes to personal information records
  • Access to alerts and appointments
  • Anti-virus software for downloading
  • Access to unofficial transcripts
  • Student, staff and faculty directory



MMU has multiple opportunities for students to provide feedback on their educational experiences. MMU faculty value the relationship building involved in the college community and pride themselves on their hospitality and approachability. Faculty encourage conversation about understanding in class as well as issues. Every student may complete an end-of-course evaluation. Students also complete program specific evaluations.

Should you have a concern or complaint regarding your instructor, please contact your instructor first regarding your concerns. The complete student complaint process is outlined here.