Loyal Lancers

Loyal Lancers is a donor loyalty program established in 2023 by the Mount Marty University Advancement team to engage with and recognize our most loyal supporters of Mount Marty. To become a Loyal Lancer, an individual/household must donate to Mount Marty for at least three consecutive years.

As a Loyal Lancer, you will enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Invitations to university events, where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for philanthropy.
  • University impact reports, which are yearly updates on how your contributions have made a difference in the lives of our students, allowing you to witness firsthand the transformative power of your generosity.
  • Recognition and honors, as your name will be prominently displayed on our donor wall and website, recognizing your exceptional commitment to Mount Marty University.

Interested in becoming a Loyal Lancer? Set up an ongoing gift today to make sure you’re giving every fiscal year!

Set up an ongoing gift

Established in 2023, the Mount Marty University Loyal Lancers program recognizes and celebrates our most loyal supporters. To become a Loyal Lancer, an individual or business must provide a gift to Mount Marty for at least three consecutive fiscal years.


3 - 19 Years of Consecutive Giving

5 Star Communications Inc

Mary Abbott (C'98)

Constance (N'64) and George Adam

Matthew Ahmann (C’95)

Katie Alitz

Roberta Ambur and Jim Means

Julie Amsberry

Sister Susan Andersen (C'71)

Stephan Anderson (C'11)

Susan (C'77) and John Arens

Todd Austin (C'84)

Collin# and Amber Authier

Avera Health

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital

Jeanette Bailey (H'61 C'65) and Joe Schneider

Janet Beattie (C'48)

Lynn (C'97) and David Becker

Scott (C'04) and Rachel (C'08) Becker

Kimberly Bellum#


Joanne Berg (C'68)

Carmel Berglin

Sheila Bernard

Andy# (C'99) and Stephanie (C'00) Bernatow

Craig and Kari Berndt

Miranda (C'03) and Jay Bernecker

Brian (C'78) and Linda Bertsch

Ron and Jan (N'64) Bertsch

Maria (C'69) and Fred Bettenberg-Pohl

Mary Pat (H’69) Bierle and Robert Beard

Anne (C'70) & Andrew Biebl

Thomas (C'90) and Cheryl (C'91) Bies

Claudette Binder (H'54)

Betty (C'92) and Curtis Bisgard

John Blackburn

Tony and Lorraine Bour

Kathleen Bouska (C'67)

Barbara (C'64) and Dennis Boyle

John (C'84) and Susan (C'86) Boyle

Jeff and Deanna Branaugh

Sandra (C'79) and Roger Brandt

Melissa# and Jared Brim

Mike and Arlyne Brim

Mary (N'62) and Donald Brockhaus

Debra (C'78) & James Browning

Lynette (C'72) and Clayton Bruening

Susan (C'73 C'94) and Richard Bruening

Ruth Bryant (C'76)

Tom (C'96) and Becky Buckmiller

Jolene Buehrer (C'82)

Rob and Linda Bumbaca

Irma (C'64) and Richard Burbach

Lucy (C'76) and Patrick Burchill

Msgr. Edward P. Burian

Emily Howe (C'07)

Vicki and William Burnett

Matt and Annette Burns

Joan and Clinton Burt

Elvira (H'45 C'65) and Edmund Buzicky

Brad and Paula Cap

Ione and David Cap

Kevin and Lavonne Carda

Santiago Castillo, Sr.

Catholic Daughters of America-Court Willard #969

Rebecca & Dean Caton

Martha A. and Larry J. Celmer^, DVM (M)

Marie Chavis (H'64 C'68)

Chesterman Company Yankton

Revs. Barbara (C'06) and Conrad Ciesel

Kathryn Cihak (M H'66 C'76)

Richard Cimpl

Jessica (C'12) and Taylor Clark

Caitlyn (C’14) and Caleb Clements

Patricia Clemons (C'70)

Donald (C'72) and Nancy (C'72) Clouser

Mary (C'72) and Peter Codinha

Joyce (N'62) and Gerald Colburn

Michelle (C80) and Gregory Coulter

Sister Kathleen Courtney (H'56 C'68)

Sister Kathleen Crowley^ (C'59)

Culver's of Yankton

Czeckers Sports Bar & Grill

John and Ruth Dannenbring

Roland and Roberta D'Arcy

John and Kris DeJean

Jerry & Darlene Delker

Dr. William and Cyndi Dendinger

Joan (C'72) and Fred DeRouchey

Lorraine Devine (C'65)

David (C'76) and Marcene (C'75) Dickes

Pat Dickey (N'62)

JoAnne Dickinson (C'92)

Krystal# (C'04) and Jed Diedrichsen

Linda (C'68) and Philip Dispense

Michael Dodson (C'92)

Susie and Manual Domingos

Michael and Jennifer# Donner

Todd and Staucia Dumont

Jeanette (C'79) and Doug Dunning

Diane Dvorak#

Curt and Julie Dykstra

Edward Jones (Chris Marlow)

Sharon and Richard Ehrhart

Dale Eich

Dr. Will and Hilary Eidsness

Doug and Karen Ekeren

Chad^ and Kristi Ekroth

Carole Ellermeier (C'68)

Marie (N'57) and Gale Erickson

Marilyn Erickson (C'79)

Linda (C'70) and Donald Erlenbusch

Marlene Erskine

Patricia Even (C'84)

Dave and Carla Ewald

Dr. Steven^ (C'77) and Ruth Feeney

Barbara (C'63) and Leon Feilmeier

Patricia Feldsien (H'55 C'60)

Mary (C'80) and Donald Fiedler

First Chiropractic Center

First Dakota National Bank Yankton

Randall# and Sheri Fischer

Deb Fischer-Clemens* (C'77)

James* and Sheila Fitzgerald

Jay and Kathy (C'98) Fitzgerald

Daniel# and Heather Flahie

David Flicek and June Nusz

Floor Tec

Denis* (C'73) and Mary Beth Fokken

Kathleen (C'78) and Ken Foner

Ann Fullenkamp (H'67)

S. Bonita Gacnik#

Sonia and Mike Gaidelis

Shawn* (C'76) and Mary Pat (C'76) Gallagher

Lee and Suzan Gass

Rita Gast (C'68)

Scott (C'95) and Stephani Geerdes

Michele Gengler (C'80 C'92)

Dan (C'71) and Julie (C'64) Gergen

Betty (C'76) and James Getzfred

Mary Gillette (C'73)

Mary Gingrich (C'80)

Wesley (C'89 C'95) and Lori (C'91) Green

Marian Gresslin (C'55)

Margaret (C'71) and Steven Gronseth

John (C'03 C'18 C'20) and Ashley# Gullikson

Patricia (C'75) and John Gunia

Pearl (C'69) and Manuel Gurule

Randy Haas

Karen Haberer (C'74)

Frances (C'68) and Warren Hammerbeck

Megan (C'04) and Lane Hammond

Carol Hamvas

Renee Hancock

Cheryl Hanks (C'68)

Aaron and April Hansen

Dr. Lori Hansen^ and Dr. Michael Waid

Donita and Lyman Hanson

Doug and Mandy (C’04) Hanson

Dr. Katie# and Tom Harrell

Dr. Janis and Tom Hausmann

Kristin Heidinger#

Chris# and Allison Hein

Janet Heirigs

Angela (C'76) and Roger Hejl

Andrew# and Teresa Henrickson

Matt (C'95) and Tracy Herber

Drs. Chris# and Jem Hof

Lori# & Kerry Hofer

Holiday Inn Express

Dr. David and Marilyn Holzwarth

Darell and Valerie (C’76) Horacek

Barbara Horner-Mille

Mary (C'73) Hoss-Sabers and Joseph Sabers

Jordan Houdek (C'17)

Robert and Diane Houdek

Jason and Christina Howe

Dennis & Linda Huber

Dr. Jay and Joyce Hubner

Cindy (C'76) and Jerry Hugo

Bernie (C'74) and Myrna Hunhoff

Kelsey# and Matt Hunhoff

Meredith (C'91) and Jeffrey Hunhoff

Sherry Hunhoff-Bialas (C'02)

Joetta (H'63) and Dale Hutchings

Hy-Vee Food Store Yankton

Johanna# (C'14) and Anthony Jablonoski

Rebecca (C'98) and David Jackson

Samuel Jaeger (C'01)

Erin Jarvi (C'07)

Kyle and Becky Jensen

Laura Jensen

Mary Jo Jerde

Jimmy John's

Darwin and Carol Johnson

Dr. J. Lee Johnson*

Dr. Daniel Johnson and Dr. Mary Milroy

Nancy (C'91) and Roy Johnson

Connie (N'60) and William Jones

Elaine (H'56) and Neil Jones

Clark and Patti Jorde

Marlea (C'83) and Joe Judd

Mark & Jennifer Kahler

Daisy Kamback (C'00)

Allen Karolevitz

Robert Kathol^

Ted and ReAnn Kautzman

Jean Kehrwald (C'72)

Father James Keiter*

Mary Kelly (H'51 C'54)

Matthew Kemp (C'08)

Joellen Kempf

Natalie (C'79) and Ronald Kenkel

Craig and Gail Kennedy

LaDonna & David Kiewatt

Thomas & Margaret Kimes

Lisa and Johnny Kitchens

Alice Klug

Mary Ann (C'69) and Terry Klug

Arielle# (C'10) and Brandon Kneifl

Knights of Columbus -Marty Council #1538

Jerry and Annette Kohoutek

Sister Marita Kolbeck (C'73)

Kellie Koletzky (C'01)

Sherlyn (C’00) and Dustin Koletzky

James Kollar (C'75)

Kopetsky's Ace Hardware

Melissa (C'05) and Jeff Kosch

John (C'92) and Sharon Kraft

Nick and Diane Kranz

Jessica Kropuenske (C'84)

Barbara Krumbach (C'70)

Jean Krumwiede (C'68)

Gary (C'69) and Velma Kuchta

Dr. Jeremy and Jennifer Kudera

Dick and Theresa Kulbel

Dr. Aelred^ and Irene Kurtenbach

Kris Lambrecht (N'55)

Karen Lange (C'00)

Merle and Virginia Larson

Richard and Patricia Larson

Todd Larson

Michael (C'74) and Mary LaVelle

Lois (H'65 C'69) and Howard Lehmkuhl

Christine Lemmer (C'86 C'99)

Leonard Management McDonald's

Kent (C'75) and Barbara (C'78) Lethcoe

Randy (C'87) and Christine (C'87) Lien

Tabitha and Dr. Micah Likness

Michele Linch

Dr. Dianna Lipp Rivers (C'67)

Jennifer Livingston#

Geri Loecker (N'55, C'83)

Dr. Marcus# and Lisa Long

Aaron (C'01) & Mary Losing

Monte (C'80) and Ranae Lowe

Denise (C'80) and Dale Luckhurst

Bryan and Patricia Lund

Ann (C'69) and Stuart MacPhail

Thomas Madden

Nancy(C'63) and Frank Maersch

Kathryn# (C'97) and Jay Magorian

Ellen Manning

Marlow, Woodward & Huff Prof LLC

Alexander Martin

Rita (H'50) and Marvin Matthews

Dorothy McCarthy (C'65)

Robb# (C'08) and Cassandra (C'08) McClemans

Kay McDonald (C'63)

Jay (C’98) and Brandy MDonald

Winifred McKay (N'52)

Kyle Mclean#

Patricia (C'87) and Brian McMahon

Becky (C'91) and Tim McManus

Melissa (C'93) and Bruce McMillen

Barbara (C'71) and Glen Mechtenberg

Meridian Liquids Partners LLC

Arlin (C'81) and Arlene Milbrodt

Bill Miller#

James and Lynette Mlady

Craig (C'89) and Stacy Mock

Dr. Mary Moller (C'71)

Mary Monsees (H'57)

Kevin Morrissey

Michael and Katherine Moye

Timothy (C'87) and Marcy Mudd

Joanna# and Thomas Mueller

Suzanne Munn

Pamela Murphy (C'92) and Mark Cunningham

Brady (C'02) and Jill (C'01 C'16) Muth

Bonnie (C'70) and John Myers

Bill Nelson (C'85)

Curtis (C'75) and Eileen Nelson

Derrik# (C'15) and Catelyn Nelson

Jason Nelson# (C'00) and Dr. Jill Sternquist

Randal Nelson

Theresa Nemmers (C'71)

Mark Nesladek (C'90)

Cecelia Nielsen (C'73)

Joan (C'69) and John Nienaber

NorthWestern Energy

Carol (H'70) and Michael Nowak

Dr. James and Marilyn Nyberg

Kevin and Julie O'Brien

Jim and Adeline Oberembt

Judi O'Connell (H'59 C'63)

Leslie (C'81) and Sharon Oien

Judith (H'63) & Thomas Olson

Olson's Pest Technicians, Inc.

Colleen O'Neill (C'87)

Laura (C'09) and Jamie Parish

Wesley Park

Patricia Paul (C'68)

Matthew and Karine Paulson

Jean (C'92) and Douglas Pavelka

Clarice Pellettier (H'50 N'56)

Sara Peters (C'01)

Travis (C'04) and Lindsey (C'06) Peters

Dr. Christine (C'79) and Steven Pharr

B.E. Pierson

Dr. Carrissa (C'06) and Aaron Pietz

Julie (C'81) and Gary Pilcher

Mary (C'69) and Paul Plater

Dave Pollon

John* and Penny Porter

Ann Preister (C'88)

Paul (C'97) and Jessica (C'99) Preister

Donald Randolph (C'81)

Mary Anne Rasmussen (C'69)

Traci Rauch (C'89) and Dave Word

Genny (C'76) and Michael Reinders


Katherine (C'68) and Clarence Remily

Dennis and Donna Rensch

Kathleen (C'77) and Rich Rethwisch

Barb# and Joe Rezac

Pauline Rhoades

Leo Riedel (C'74)

Sharon and Bob Rion

Riverfront Broadcasting LLC

Donald* and Kelly Roby

Douglas Roether

Dr. Cecilia (C'75) and Dr. Robert Rokusek

Richard Rokusek (C'79)

Virginia Rusch (H'66) and Ira Perman

Lance (C'92) and Ann (C'92) Ryken

Mark and Melanie Ryken

Judith (H'64) & Marvin Sachs

Doris Salley

Carol (C'72) and Wesley Sanborn

Janet (C'83) and Terry Schilmoeller

Everine (N'57) and Lyle Schipper

Maryssa Schleis

Michael and Marie Schleis

Thomas and Cindy Schlimgen

Darlene Schnieders

Dustin (C'98) and Kellie Scholz

Mason and Kate Schramm

Valerie (C'61) and William Schroeder

Rita Schuch (H'52)

Jay# and Gretchen Scoblic

Jessie Scott

Sandra Sebben

Timothy (C'73) and Sheri Semple

Carol (C'93) and Joe Shea

Deborah Sherrock (C'77) and Charles Allen

Richard Shipp (C'78)

Allen Sinclair

Mary Slowey (H'54 C'55)

Steve^ and YaVonne Slowey

Slowey Management

Leah Smith (H'59 C'63)

Mary Smith (C'76)

Roger and Marilyn Ann Smith

Jeffrey (C'87) and Judy Spaans

Patricia (H'68) and Danny Sprouse

St. John's Lutheran Church

Donald (C'82) and Rachel (C'84) Stachowiak

Donna (H'66 C'70) and Thomas Steffen

Margaret (C'70) and Gene Steffensmeier

Rob* and Lori Stephenson

Carol# (C'95 C'15) and Dennis Stewart

Terry Stull#

Darrell Sundleaf

Colleen and Tom Suppa

Jonna Supurgeci# (C'98)

Scott (C'91) and Lisa Swanson

Jeanne (H'63) and Paul Taylor

Josh Teichroew# (C'16)

Kevin and Robin Teichroew

Peggy (C'60) and Leo Ternes

The Move Group

David^ and Marlys Thies

Theresa Thomas (C'70)

Deborah (C'77) and James Tierney

Gary (C'82) and Elaine Tillman

Lois Tim (C'72)

Kalah Tooley (C'99)

Charlotte (C'66) and Terrance Townsend

Mike and Jennifer Townsend

Judy (C'87) & David Traetow

Dr. Allan^ (C'80) and Kerry (C'81) Tramp

Jo Treinen (H'56)

Sandra (C'67) & Curtis VanFossen

Darla (C'85) and Douglas VanGerpen

Lee and Roberta Vaughan

Ruth^ (C'67) and David Vickers

Shannon# and Thomas (C'19) Viereck

Reyne (C'83) and Robert Viergutz

Joe and Patti Vig

Mark Vig

Dr. Mary Lee (C'96) and Mike Villanueva

Vishay Dale Electronics

Vision Real Estate Services

Gordon Vogt (C'75)

Marie Wagner (H'57 N'60 C'61)

Tara (C'02) and Pete Wallace

Dorothy (H'50 N'53) and Dennis Walter

Carl and Martina Warvarovsky

Helen (H'50 C'54) and Jerome Weier

Kristy# and Timothy Welker

Terrence (C'83 C'99) and Sylvia Wensing

Kathleen and Norman West

Marilyn (H'65 C'87) and Gene Wiebelhaus

Mary M. Willcockson^

Willcockson Eye Associates, PC

Kathryn (C'69) and Robert Wilson

Linda (H'67) and Keith Wing

Andrea Jo Wohlenberg

Sheila Woodward and Chris Sonne

Milissa (C'89) & Doug Wuebben

Yankton BID Board

Yankton Medical Clinic

Yankton Rexall Drug

Yankton Thrive

Ramona Young (H'55)

Nancy Zins (C'70)

Robert & Cheryl Zobel

Mark Zuckerman

Phyllis Zwart (C'67)



^ Past Trustee 

* Current Trustee 

# Current Faculty/Staff Member

C Class of 

M Mount Marty Model School 

H Mount Marty High School 

N Sacred Heart School of Nursing  

Established in 2023, the Mount Marty University Loyal Lancers program recognizes and celebrates our most loyal supporters. To become a Loyal Lancer, an individual or business must provide a gift to Mount Marty for at least three consecutive fiscal years.


20+ Years of Consecutive Giving


Sally Baker (C'62)

Catherine (H'67 C'71) and Charles Barringer

Verona Bedrous (H'66 C'70)

Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery

Eileen (C'67) and Larry Bolstad

Sister Aidan Bourke^ (C'62)

Dianne Breen (C'70)

Sandra# (C'72) and James Brown

Sheila Burns (C'61)

Michael (C'76) and Mary Campbell

Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota

CorTrust Bank - Yankton Fox Run

Mary Ann (C'66) and Robert Coulter

Julie# and Roger Dather

Dan and Patricia Eisenbraun

Dr. Alan# and Dawn Ferris


Dr. John and Peggy^ Frank

Patrick Frank#

Janice (C'80) and Terry Fuehrer

Terry & Norma Garvey

Rudy^ and Kathleen^ (Kruml) (C'87) Gerstner

Gerstner Oil Company

Barbara Gobel (C'77)

Charles Gross#

Hatterscheidt Foundation

Michael^ and Gerrie (C'81) Healy

Bruce Holida and Danielle Holmquist-Holida

Lilla Hunsley (C'65)

Mary (C'72) and William Hurst

Wayne^ and Lori Ibarolle

Charles# and Karla Iverson

John A. Conkling Distributing

Robert (C'79) and Romaine Kappel

Dr. Patrick (C'75) and Mary Ann^ (H'70 C'74) King

Aaron (C'99) and Carrie (C'99) Kranz

Norman Kunselman (C'76)

Barbara Law (C"69)

Mary (C'68) and David Lenzen

Lori Lincoln#

Elaine (C'62) and Robert List

Janet Locke (C'85)

Dr. Richard Lofthus#

Catherine (C'71) and Gary Maass

Alice (C'71) and Jack Majeres

Mavis (C'56) and Jim McFarlane

Dolores Morgan Evans (H'49)

Iva Mueller (C'61 N'62)

Karen Nadeau (H'58)

Sharon Olbertson (C'62)

Janice (H'68) and Joseph Pauli

Viona Ranney (C'82)

Linda Rath (C'72)

Annette Rathert (N'55)

Lori (C'64) and James Rausch

Cathryn (H'55 N'58) and Paul Rehfuss

Dean and Karen Rettedal

Dr. Pamela^ and Bob Rezac

Mary Anne (C'63) and Bernard Rhomberg

Mary Schon (C'76)

Joseph Sejnoha#

Thomas (C'79) and Gloria Slagle

Slowey Construction Inc.

Cynthia# and Jay Sohler

Judy Specht

Mary Standaert (C'76)

Mary Ann Strubert (C'87)

Dr. Bruce^ and Nancy Teachout

Robert and Judy Tereshinski

Sister Patricia Toscano (C'71)

United Church of Christ

Lois Varvel

Madalyn (C'71) and Louis Vieselmeyer

Judy (C'68) and Paul Warmka

Shirley Watke (N'59)

Bonnie Wheeler (C'58)

Jeffrey^ (C'93) and Lisa (C'93) Wolfgram



^ Past Trustee 

* Current Trustee 

# Current Faculty/Staff Member

C Class of 

M Mount Marty Model School 

H Mount Marty High School 

N Sacred Heart School of Nursing