Prestigious Academic Scholarship Day

Prestigious Scholarships

Have a 3.5 GPA and a 24 ACT score? You qualify for our most prestigious academic scholarships for up to full tuition. 

Mount Marty College’s Prestigious Academic Scholarship Day (PASD) is an opportunity for the best and brightest of our future students to compete for several scholarships. We invite you to participate, even if you're still making the decision to attend Mount Marty.

In order to receive these scholarships, sign up to attend our Prestigious Academic Scholarship Day during one session, either in the morning or afternoon. Find out more below.

Registration deadline: January 19, 2018

Scholarship day date: January 25, 2018 

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As always, call (605) 668-1545 or email the admissions office if you're having any problems.

Don't quite have those marks? It's ok! We have many additional Mount Marty scholarships and outside scholarships that can help cover the cost of tuition. Our prestigious academic scholarships include:

Up to $1,500 on top of Guaranteed Academic Scholarships (honors Saint Scholastica, the sister of Saint Benedict).

Up to $5,000 on top of Guaranteed Academic Scholarships.