Rachel Shippy

Colome, South Dakota

Rachel Shippy 
MAJOR: math and education '17

Why Mount Marty?

Hailing from the tiny South Dakota town of Colome, Rachel Shippy knew she was looking for something small when it came time to choose a college.

“I was looking for small and personal,” she says of her decision to attend MMC. “I didn’t just want to be a number, especially growing up in the small community I lived in. I also really liked that it was a Catholic college.”

Despite her desire for a small school, however, Shippy’s ambitions were big, and finding a college that offered a competitive, quality education was paramount. At the time, she was also interested in finding a forensic science program. Mount Marty checked every box on her list.

“On my first visit to campus, I felt at home,” she says. “I could truly picture myself attending college at MMC.”


Mount Marty’s Impact

A resident assistant; Math Club president; Pastoral Council representative; and active participant in theater, choir and intramural sports on campus, Shippy’s MMC experience has been marked by the relationships she’s developed both inside and outside the classroom.

“I really enjoyed getting to know some fantastic actors in all of the plays that I have been involved in,” she says of the eight theater productions she’s participated in at MMC. “I’ve especially enjoyed being a part of the Stations of the Cross productions each year because I think each production is immensely impactful.”

Thanks to small class sizes and a supportive on-campus community, Shippy has also developed close relationships with MMC faculty members.

“My freshman advisor and former math professor, Stephanie Gruver, really helped me find my love for math as I was considering my change in majors freshman year,” Shippy says. “She also was great to talk to and work with as my work study advisor.” 

That passion for math Shippy discovered early in her college career has already landed her a job post-graduation. She’s accepted a position teaching math at Yankton High School and coaching volleyball at Yankton Middle School for the upcoming academic year.


The MMC Values

For Shippy, MMC’s core values have been a common thread throughout the past four years.

“Community has been a very important part of my college experience,” she says. “I felt the sense of community since the first day on campus. As an education major, lifelong learning is a huge part of my life.”

Still, it’s awareness of God that she’s found the most impactful.

“I’ve found the importance of finding God throughout your day is very significant,” Shippy says. “Seeing the hand of God in the interactions I have each day has really made a difference in my life.”