Prayer Board

"I can do all things through christ who strengthens me." ~Philippians 4:13

The power of prayer is something that we at Mount Marty hold dear to our hearts.  Please keep those in need in your thoughts and prayers.


Prayers for the Faithful

~That the leaders of the Church and all those engaged in preaching the word of God may persevere in their commitment to follow Christ.

~That those of us who have lost hope because of of our sins may  realize that Christ, our Leader, walks with us and shoulders our burdens.

~That all of the alumni of Mount Marty may continue to witness to Gospel teachings as they minister throughout the world.

~That the Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery may be blessed with strong vocations to assist them in building the Kingdom of God in this time and place.

~That all those who are weakened by sickness or infirmity may be assured of God's loving, healing presence, especially for all of our family, friends, and alumni.

~For blessings upon Mount Marty College so that it may continue to be a beacon of wisdom and hope for many years to come.

~That the dead, especially our alumni, may enjoy God's presence forever in heaven.


Prayer requests

~Prayers for Al Lau, Sally Bennett, Irene Jacobs, Mark & Minnie Lau, Gertrude & John Bucknell, George & Gen Knockenhauer. -Sandy (Lau) Knockenhauer, MMC'70

~Prayers for Harold & Delores Hoffman, Harold & Margaret Derrington, Tom & Jenny Fahy, Ed & Caroline Hoffman, Louie & Loretta Nipp, Florence Joachim, Francis Joachim, Fred & Lillian Kinsley. -Jane (Hoffman) Derrington, MMC '70

~Prayers for my good friend, Becky (Holmes) Rybak, who also attended MMC.  She is in the battle of her life after being diagnosed with ALS in August 2016. -Jana (Rychtarik) Maxwell, MMC '01

~Prayers for my parents, Jack & JoAnn Schaefers, for their continued health. -Colleen 'Lena' (Schaefers) Leer, MMC '77

~Prayers for my sister Jan who has lung cancer, and has been given less than a year to live (age 68).  Pray for pain control and that the treatment will give her extended life. -Norma (Sand) Johnson, MMC '69

~Prayers for the caregivers at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital and Avera Sacred Heart Sister James Nursing Home that treated and gave my mother, Elenore E. Kappel, loving care during her last three difficult months of her life.  Also, please pray for the repose of her soul. -Robert Kappel, MMC '79

~Prayers for my deceased loved ones, Richard & Adela Mahrer, Roger, Paul & Vernon Mahrer, Mary Frank, Florence Wiege, Ben & Anna Ternes, and Steve & Anita Ternes. -Margaret Ann (Peggy) Ternes, MMC '58

~Prayers for my father Dick Cummings. -Diane Houdek

~Prayers for Angie who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. -Deanna Branaugh

~Prayers for Wes & Elsie Novotny; Jim, Marilyn, John and James Jay Cooley; James Yacobucci. -Jean Novotny, MMHS '65, MMC '67

~Prayers for Loren Schieffer & Mary Jane Scherschligt. -Karen Lange, MMC '00

~Prayers for the soul of Melba Byrkeland, MMHS '36

~Prayers for Alvin "Jeff" Harm. -Kevin Harm, MMC '96

~Prayers for deceased family and friends- Orville & Nora Eisenmenger; Bill & Regina Spanbauer; Dale Schwitalla; Mark Ritten; Jim Furniss; Pat (Goihl) Bidwell; Dorothy (Neiles) Thorson; Margaret Schoenfelder; Herb Schoenfelder. -Lynette Spanbauer, MMC '72

~Prayers for a very dear friend of mine, Edna Hoium, who is suffering with stage four cancer in multiple organs and areas of her body. -Cheryl Hanks, MMC '68

~Prayers of healing due to age. -Agnese Bartlett, MMC '63

~Prayers for the soul and family of Abby Uecker, a young musician killed tragically on July 23, 2017. -S. Peggy Venteicher, MMC '05

~Prayers for my deceased parents, James & Margaret Diggins, and deceased brothers, Brian and Terry. -Patricia Diggins, MMC '74

~Prayers for the soul of Jerry Wolf. -Erica Hamel, MMC '90

~Prayers for Donna Barnes, Ola Barnes, Tom Barnes, and Mary Barnes. -Anna Barnes Page, MMC '82

~Prayers for Kitsy, Paige, and Roman Wortmann.  Prayers for a successful career outcome.  -Steve Wortmann, MMC '77

~Prayers for strength, guidance, and financial stability. -Jennifer Trevino

~Prayers for all our living and deceased members of my husband's and my family; our parents and siblings who have died and for our living family members. -Mary Ann (Kohles) Wortmann, MMC '64