Questions to Ask During Your University Visit

    • What are the best reasons to go to this university?
    • What's it like to go from high school to college?
    • What do you do in your free time? On the weekends?
    • What do you love about this university?
    • What do you wish you could change about this university?
    • Why did you choose this university?
    • What is it like to live here?
    • What does the university do to promote student involvement in campus groups, extracurricular activities or service?
    • What are the best reasons to go to this university?
    • Can a student be mentored by professors and upperclassmen?
    • How do you connect with students on a personal level? Do professors join the students for lunch, help with service projects, or guide student organizations?
    • How many students do research or other kinds of projects for a semester or more?
    • How much has your cost of tuition for each student risen in the past year?
    • How much do your students usually end up owing when they graduate?
    • What is the average income of graduates who had the same major that interests me?
    • Will my costs go up when your tuition goes up, or can we use the same tuition rate I started with so I'll know the costs for four years?
    • How many students usually graduate in the major that interests me? How long do these students usually take to get their degrees?
    • In what ways does the university help students graduate in four years?

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