Campus Visit Checklist

Visiting a university campus helps you get a sense of what life is like at that university. This can help you decide whether the university is right for you. 

  • Find out what you need to do to apply and see if the university's class and major offerings are what you want:

    • Sit in on a class that interests you.
    • Pick up financial aid forms.
    • Meet with a professor who teaches a subject that interests you. 
    • Talk to students about their classes and professors.
  • Get a feel for student life and see if this is a place where you will do well: 

    • Take a campus tour.
    • Check out the freshmen dorms, and stay overnight with a student, if possible. 
    • Visit the dining hall, fitness center, library, career center, bookstore, and other campus facilities. 
    • Talk to the coaches of sports you many want to play.
  • Tune in to learn what's happening on campus and what's on students' minds:

    • Go to the career center and learn what services it offers.
    • Browse the school's website.
    • Scan bulletin boards to see what daily student life is like.
    • Follow university social channels. 

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