Above, Mitchell Lonneman shares his view of Mount Marty University as a freshman. Below, get to know Mitchell a little more.







Why Mount Marty?

When I made my decision to come to Mount Marty, it was really based on the sense of family. When I walked on to campus for the first time, everybody was so welcoming — it’s such a family environment. Also, I’m from a small school, and I love the small campus size and how close everything is. I’m within half a block from my dorm to the lunchroom.


What's life like for new students during the first few weeks on campus?

Mount Marty makes it easy. There were campus fairs that made it super easy to get involved, and everybody was so accepting.


What do you think the difference is between a smaller school, such as Mount Marty, and a larger university?

At Mount Marty, we have very small class sizes, so the professors get to know you. And since they know you on a personal level, they can help you find opportunities that professors at a larger university might not be able to — such as internships and jobs.


Favorite professors?

Professor Heron and Professor Rutten, both in the Religious Studies Department. I was in Professor Heron’s Intro to Christianity class, and I work with Professor Rutten through work study. Both help me to think deeply and develop my knowledge.