Hof, Dr. Christine

Hof, Dr. Christine
Title: Associate Professor of Education
Department: Education
Office: Bede Hall Room # 328
Phone: 605-668-1344

Department: Teacher Education

Degrees Held:
EDD, The University of South Dakota, 1994
MA, The University of South Dakota, 1984
BS, The University of South Dakota, 1982
EDS, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1982

Dr. Chris Conroy Hof has taught in various K-12 educational settings. She began her teaching career at
Saint Agnes Catholic School in Vermillion, SD as an elementary teacher. She taught all areas of special
education including everything from early childhood home-based education to middle school students
with disabilities and students identified as gifted. Her teaching career in special education took her from
Jefferson, SD to Sioux Falls, SD and finally to Columbia, MO. Dr. Hof earned her B.S. degree and M.A.
degree in education from the University of South Dakota. After completing an Educational Specialist
(Ed.S.) degree from the University of Missouri in Special Education Administration she returned to South
Dakota and earned her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from the University of South Dakota writing and
defending a dissertation on the concept of Inclusion and the Elementary Principal.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is a professional as well a personal focus for Dr. Hof. She has
written and presented various research articles on the topic at national and international conferences.
She weaves this concept into her classes on a regular basis.

Dr. Hof began the special education program at Mount Marty College in 1993. She has mentored
hundreds of special education teachers during her tenure at Mount Marty College. She teaches several
of the education courses and supervises student teachers. She was nominated and selected as the
Outstanding Teacher/Advisor for Mount Marty College, as well as the Make a Difference Award. She
currently serves as the Education Division Chair.