Answering Your Questions About MMU

Watch: President Long Answers Your Questions about MMU

Over the past several years, Mount Marty has seen exceptional growth in enrollment, facilities, academic offerings and varsity athletics. In changing our name to Mount Marty University, we are both celebrating that growth and more properly identifying ourselves based on our programs and culture.

Designated a “master’s” institution by standards set by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions, Mount Marty is the only independent, non-profit college or university in South Dakota to offer a doctoral degree. Further, Mount Marty began offering master’s degrees in 1983, and currently offers four master’s degree majors. These factors and many more suggest that we more correctly should be called a university.

A college often refers to an institution that only offers two- or four-year undergraduate degrees.

A university, on the other hand, offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and has more extensive research programs. They are also perceived to have more academic resources and varsity athletic offerings than a college.

By becoming Mount Marty University, students will benefit from more immediate recognition for attending a larger, more complex institution with resources that have given them an academic advantage.

At our core, we are not changing. We still stand firmly by our Benedictine tradition and our liberal arts and sciences core coupled with outstanding professional programs that has enabled our growth. Our values of awareness of God, community, hospitality and lifelong learning will remain the same.

Alumni will now be able to say they attended Mount Marty University, if they prefer. This change may be made on resumes and personal biographies, as the change will be seen on all transcripts and diplomas after July 1, 2020.

Should they choose, alumni will have the opportunity to apply for an updated diploma that reads Mount Marty University. More details on this will be announced following the official change on July 1, 2020.

In becoming Mount Marty University and expressing our intention to continue our trajectory of growth and change, we expect to see a rise in our campus population and resources, benefiting the region through economic growth and increased opportunities. 

We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from the Yankton community since our founding, and we look forward to seeing how we can continue to work together to make this region an exceptional place to live.

We will still be the same Mount Marty you know—a community in Catholic Benedictine liberal arts tradition with a mission of preparing students for a contemporary world of work, service to the human community and personal growth. In changing our name, we are improving our ability to reach those goals set by our mission and vision.

The full transition to Mount Marty University will take place on July 1, 2020, and we will still be known as Mount Marty College until that date.

Our legacy domain name,, will no longer function after May 15, 2020, and all website and email traffic should instead use the domain