Certificate of Integrated Leadership

The Certificate of Integrated Leadership is a program for professional leaders and managers to give them the concepts and tools to create and foster vibrant, productive organizations and communities with personal integrity.

The program uses an integrated curriculum which draws from timeless leadership principles and classical virtue ethics as they relate to dynamic and changing workplaces.

The foundation of the Certificate of Integrated Leadership: Tools for Leading Well draws from three sources of thought: Classical Virtue Ethics, Social Principles and the Rule of Benedict.

The Value Proposition is for the person and organization to flourish in the following ways:

  • Leading well by understanding and practicing what it means to be an integrated person.
  • Utilizing the talents and character strengths of the person to lead virtuously.
  • Understanding the idea of comunity that builds better teamwork and actively engaged people.
  • Integrating meaning, purpose and values of the person with those of the organization for a more thriving environment.

Session I: The Human Person

Understanding the nature and value of living and leading as an integrated person.

Session II: The Human Person & Habits of Excellence

Transforming leadership tools for personal and professional flourishing.

Session III: Organizations as a Community of Persons

Fostering effective communication, teamwork and decision making that lead to active engagement.

Session IV: Leading Well in a Community of Persons

A Rule for organizational flourishing through timeless leadership tools and principles. 

Session V: Organizational Alignment

Organization, purpose, culture, guiding principles and how they integrate with person and community. 


September 28-30, 2020 at the Broomtree Retreat Center in Irene, South Dakota




Tuition costs for the Certificate of Integrated Leadership at Mount Marty are extremely competitive with similar programs offered at other Catholic colleges and universities.

*Cost for the certificate program includes tuition, course materials, lodging, meals and four follow-up sessions.

course delivery

The program takes two and a half days to complete, with attendees asked to stay overnight. Lodging is included in the cost of tuition. 



Mike is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, certified executive coach and financial advisor. With 30 years of experience working with hundreds of businesses in 37 different industries, Mike represents the practitioner side of the program. He has authored Ultimate Breakthrough Planning: The Business Funnel Approach and The Sweet Spot: Where Business Strategy, Positive Psychology and Faith Principles Converge. He also serves as the director of the Certificate of Integrated Leadership at the Benedictine Leadership Institute at Mount Marty University. 

BLANKJoe Rutten

Joe is a passionate visionary, respected for his work in the field of Catholic education and formation, faith and business integration, and virtuous leadership training. He works to form faith principled leaders in business and professional life as the founder and executive director of the Catholic Men's Business Fraternity in Sioux Falls, SD and is the Director of the Benedictine Leadership Institute at Mount Marty University in Yankton, SD as well as Professor of Theology. 

BLANKJason Heron

Jason Heron (PhD University of Dayton, 2016) is an instructor of theology at Mount Marty University. His specialty is in Catholic social teaching, moral philosophy, and social ethics. He has published on natural law, economics, and Catholic social teaching. He lives in Yankton, South Dakota with his wife and children.

Visiting Scholars:

BLANKJohn McNerney

John McNerney, Ph.D.was head chaplain at University College Dublin. He is the author of  Wealth of Persons: Economics With A Human Face (2016) and John Paul II: Poet and Philosopher (2004).  Since 2016, he has been a visiting fellow at the Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship at The Catholic University of America. He is an occasional lecturer to undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of business ethics and philosophy and has given talks at various international conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Bob is the co-founder and a fellow at The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship and a broad-based executive with more than 30 years of experience and a demonstrated record of achievement in building and growing innovative businesses. His journey has included stops at multinational corporations, mid-cap growth companies, venture-backed startups and a new breed of not-for-profit/for-profit hybrid enterprises. He is a co-founder and CEO of two startups and has earned plenty of important "life lessons" on this journey.

In 2015, Bob joined the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America, co-founded the Ciocca Center and served as Vice Provost until 2020. He has been studying the history of spiritual entrepreneurs and their 21st century reemergence.

Andreas WindenrAndreas Widmenr

Andreas Widmenr is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and the director of the Art & Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship at The Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business. Andreas is an entrepreneur, the author of The Pope and the CEO and formerly served as a Swiss Guard to Pope John Paul II.  

For program information contact:

Mike Ferrell

Director of The Certificate of Integrated Leadership: Tools for Leading Well | Adjunct Faculty

612-806-3751 | michael.ferrell@mountmarty.edu